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WALES Vs ENGLAND World Cup 2022: ENGLAND is a dominant force in group B.


The 2022 FIFA World Cup continued on Tuesday, focusing on Group B, which will conclude the day. England defeated Wales and Wales to beat them 3-0 at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar. The victory earned England first place in Group B.

Despite the close score, England struggled to score during the first half. However, Marcus Rashford scored two goals in the second period to lead England to victory.

The Netherlands beat Qatar to take the Group A title, while Senegal took the second spot by beating Ecuador. England will play Senegal this Sunday in the Round of 16.

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You can stream every game in the competition on the FOX Sports network of broadcasters as the broadcaster of the tournament’s English-language counterpart within the U.S. — and the FOX Sports app and There is also the option to stream replays of all matches for no cost via Tubi.

Here are the best plays!

England 3 Wales 0.

Setting the scene

England can decide its destiny as it prepares for its final game in Group B. It can advance through either a tie or win and will only be eliminated if it falls to Wales with a score of four goals or more excellent.

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Wales requires lots of things to happen for it to move on. It has to win and requires the Iran-USA match to end in a draw. If one side is victorious, Wales would have to be able to win at least four goals to qualify.

10′ keeping England from the table

In the early minutes of the game, Welsh goalkeeper Danny Ward made a stout save in the 1-on-1 chance in the first half for Marcus Rashford.

45 5′ Wales has a shot but does not make the most of it

Joe Allen looked like he could have had an excellent chance to score in a set piece, but his shot went wide and was left, keeping the game without scoring.

Halftime, England is trying to break through.

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England won the game in the first half, having control for 74% in the opening period, and has nine shots against Wales only two. But, it has only two shots in the goal and has not yet scored and is exhibiting a worrying pattern from its game last Friday against the USA.

But England is in an excellent position, as it could only be eliminated when Wales can score other goals within the second period.

If the results are consistent within Group B, England could face Senegal in round 16, while the USA will take on the Netherlands.

50″: England finally breaks through

Rashford could not have put the ball in a much better position in the free kick to finally allow England the premier goal in the game with a lead.

England’s Marcus Rashford scores a goal vs. Wales in 50.’

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51″: England quickly doubles its lead

A little over 60 seconds after taking an early lead, England were 2-0 ahead after Harry Kane found Phil Foden with a cross just the middle of the net.

England’s Phil Foden scores a goal vs. Wales in 51.’

68″: England is pouring it on

Rashford recorded his second game strike by creating space for himself off the Dribble, then firing an effort off his left foot, initially deflected before it went in.

England’s Marcus Rashford scores a goal vs. Wales in 68.’

75′ Rashford is greeted with loud applause when he leaves the field

The most likely Man to Match was given an enthusiastic ovation from English supporters in Qatar after he was kicked out of the match for scoring two goals.

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