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Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin dies at the age of 61.

Donald McEachin dies

US Rep. Donald McEachin, a Virginia Democrat, was killed on Monday, as per an announcement from his office. He was 61.

Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin dies
Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin. USA TODAY and TOMORROW (Photo By Sarah Silbiger /CQ Roll Call)

“We are all grieving over the loss of our colleague and boss Donald McEachin, a congressman from the state of Washington,” Tara Rountree, his chief of staff, stated in the statement. “Valiantly over the last several years, we’ve seen him fight and win over the side consequences of his colorectal cancer that he was diagnosed with in 2013.

The night he died, he lost that fight, and the residents in Virginia’s Fourth Congressional District lost a hero who always stood up for them and placed the interests of his constituents first.”

“Until an alternative representative is elected, our office will be open and will continue to assist our customers,” Rountree said.

Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin
Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for

The seat is empty until an election can be scheduled. McEachin, Virginia’s 4th Congressional District, which included the state’s capital city, Richmond, was again elected comfortably at the beginning of the month in the predominantly Democratic-leaning area.

McEachin was elected for the first time as a member of Congress in 2016 after having served for two years in Virginia’s General Assembly.

In every position In each role, the Virginia lawmaker pushed for changes to US firearm laws and environmental protections and affordable health insurance.

“This truly is a dream to be realized,” McEachin told supporters during his speech to celebrate his victory in 2016. “We are confident that we’re making history and that it will not be easy.”

President Joe Biden has said that he and his first lady were devastated by the passing of McEachin and said Biden will “always be thankful for his friendship and his early and ferocious support during my campaign for president.”

Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin
Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin. USA TODAY and TOMORROW (Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images)

“He stood up for justice, civil rights, and often forgotten communities. Because of Don’s leadership and unwavering advocacy and advocacy, we passed landmark legislation to address the climate crisis and advance environmental justice.” Biden wrote in a statement that was released on Tuesday.

A father of an Army veteran and a teacher in public schools, McEachin graduated from American University with a degree in Political Science and from the University of Virginia School of Law. He also earned the title of Master of Divinity from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University, according to his house biography.

McEachin’s passing was greeted with warm memories from people who knew his name.

“Up to the point of death, Don McEachin was a fighter. Even when he was fighting cancer and had other challenges in recent times, He always remained focused on environmental and social justice.” Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia tweeted. “Tonight, Virginia has lost an outstanding leader, and I’ve lost a wonderful friend.”

Democratic Senator. Tim Kaine of Virginia also praised McEachin as an exceptional civil service.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Donald McEachin in 1985 – we quickly became close friends. He was a gentle giant. caring advocate for the underdogs and climate defender as well as an example of a Christian example, a compassionate dad, a proud father and a faithful brother.” Kaine tweeted.

Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly In the meantime, Connolly described McEachin as a “noble wife, husband and dad.”

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“An environmentalist as well as a civil rights advocate. Loyal to public service and a man with significance. It was a great partner to have. I will be sad to lose him,” Connolly tweeted.

While McEachin was trying to tackle global issues while in Congress, including the climate crisis, McEachin also addressed local concerns at his reelection celebration earlier in the month. “We must ensure we have the basic services available to our community,” he told reporters at the time.

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According to his House biography, McEachin was an active member for the entirety of his life in Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and the NAACP. McEachin was also involved in the Virginia State Bar and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association.

McEachin was survived by his wife, Colette and his three adult children.

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