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Tyler Lockett Injury update

The Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett, a receiver, is now battling with a hamstring issue. But without him, Seattle will likely lose in Week 7. Seattle’s passing offense may be ruined if Lockett or DK Metcalf ever had to miss a significant amount of time.

Tyler Lockett Injury. USA TODAY
Image Credit: Getty Images. Tyler Lockett Injury. USA TODAY

The other Seattle wide receivers didn’t begin to exhibit signs of being NFL players until Week 6. For the first time in 2022, Marquise Goodwin and Dee Eskridge were unharmed last week. Prior to that, Geno Smith was successful whether paired with Metcalf, Lockett, or another tight end.

But Lockett’s status against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 7 is labelled as uncertain. He just caught 2 of his 5 targets for 17 yards in Week 6, which was his poorest performance of the season. He was obviously constrained.

Tyler Lockett Injury

The 49ers have a tremendously powerful defense, and overall the Seahawks offense was not as strong as it had been in any week until the one they lost to them in Week 2. Lockett’s partiality causes Seattle to run into trouble. And in Week 7, he seems to be hindered once more.

Tyler Lockett Injury. USA TODAY
Image Credit: Getty Images. Tyler Lockett Injury. USA TODAY

Lockett has the most catches for Seattle this year with 34. With 30, Metcalf is second. The remaining wide receivers have a total of 13 receptions. The third receiver option just seems to know how to get open; it’s not that Geno Smith doesn’t want to pass to them.

The fact that Geno Smith praised Dee Eskridge last week in a news conference may be revealing. This might be Smith’s attempt to bolster Eskridge’s confidence ahead of Week 7. Because of Tyler Lockett’s absence, Eskridge could prove to be extremely important versus the Chargers. Nevertheless, the Seahawks offense will be somewhat constrained without Lockett.

The Seahawks must have Tyler Lockett on the field if he is healthy.

But Tyler Lockett is a fighter. He will play if he is able. similar to Week 6’s game versus the Cardinals. Additionally, the Chargers will believe that Geno Smith might potentially complete passes to Tyler Lockett with his presence on the field. As a result, DK Metcalf is able to be a little more open and the Seahawks’ tight ends aren’t the center of focus.

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