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Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland browns: Know who lost the 3rd straight

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland browns game

The rains came and went in Cleveland throughout the afternoon as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced off against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium, despite intermittent showers. The last storm was bitter for the Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland browns: USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter

With 19 seconds remaining in overtime, Nick Chubb ran a three-yard touchdown to give the home team a 23-16 win. This was after 70 minutes of intense football. After CB Carlton Davis fell on the wet turf, WR Amari Cooper’s 45-yard catch-and-run put Chubb in a position to pound it in, avoiding what would have been only the second tie in Tampa Bay franchise history. After the Buccaneers took a 17-10 lead with Ko Kieft’s touchdown catch, TE David Njoku’s spectacular one-handed touchdown catch with 32 seconds left in regulation sent it to overtime.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland browns: USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter

Head Coach Todd Bowles said, “This was difficult.” “We had so many in all three phases that lost the ballgame, whether it be the return game or their returns on us for a punt or kickoff; defensively, we made key stops at specific times and took penalties to move the ball. The tackling was not great.” We could not score third downs offensively, and they got to the quarterback too often in the second half.

The Browns led 10-7 at the end of the first quarter. However, the Buccaneer’s defense held Cleveland scoreless on eight consecutive possessions. Tampa Bay had the chance to win the game in regulation, forcing a punt with 2:55 left. However, the Browns got a crucial three-and-out with Myles Garrett’s sack forcing them to punt on their own 10. Chubb’s 28-yard run put the Browns in scoring range before Njoku’s excellent grab over ILB Devin White.

The people are making quite a play, Bowles said. He leapt up and made a catch with one hand despite the fact that the covering was good and we knew where we were heading. Devin couldn’t catch it and made a lot of play.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland browns: USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland browns: USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter

The Buccaneer’s defense held the Browns at 295 yards in regulation but was beaten down by Chubb’s strong running. As part of Cleveland’s 189-yard ground day, the Cleveland back ran for 116 yards.

Bowles stated, “They played hard, but we didn’t play smart or physical football, and we let it go.”

The Buccaneer’s offense had 325 yards. However, the Buccaneers struggled on third down. They converted four times in 15 attempts, including two unsuccessful overtime attempts. Tom Brady completed 29 out of 43 passes for 246 yards and two touchdowns. He often looked to WR Chris Godwin, who had 12 catches for 110 yards, the Bucs’ first touchdown. Brady failed to hit Mike Evans in the deep end at least five times, leading to four incompletions, one pass interference penalty, and three incompletions.

Richard White (rookie RB) was the star of the game, replacing Leonard Fournette who was injured. He ran 14 times for 64 yards and had nine receptions for 45 yards. This made him more than 100 yards from the line of scrimmage. The Bucs were penalized in critical moments, but he did draw nine flags.

Bowles stated that all penalties are severe. “We had a lot of penalties during the game. We had eight to nine. We were penalized on offense and gave up field position for defensive penalties.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland browns: USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland browns: USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter

The extra time allowed for more injuries to all players, and the Bucs seem to have suffered a serious one. All-Pro correct tackle Tristan Wirfs was forced to leave the field due to a left leg injury. Brady was dismissed on Garrett’s next play, even though he came from the opposite end of the line.

The Buccaneers’ and their opponents’ opening drives saw touchdowns for the first time this season. The Bucs responded with a 78-yard touchdown drive, fueled by White’s 35-yard run that ended in Godwin’s 10-yard catch. Both teams failed to make a field goal in the second half. The game ended with a 10-ten tie.

Toss was won by the Browns, who chose to take the ball to begin the game. Chubb broke away from a group of tacklers to make a five-yard gain. Brissett then hit Donovan Peoples-Jones with a quick curl to move sticks. Brissett’s second pass to Cooper was another quick one. Cooper gained 12 yards on a slant running from the right side and got to Brown’s 46.

The Browns were facing a third and two just outside the Bucs’ territory, so they called a timeout. After the break, Chubb made a handoff to Devin White on the right edge. It resulted in a 15-to-31 gain. The next play saw Chubb move in the opposite direction, but then he pitched to WR Anthony Schwartz to reverse the motion. Schwartz got the blocking and ran 31 yards unassisted to the end zone.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland browns: USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland browns: USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter

After touchbacks on the Browns’ initial kickoff, the Bucs emerged in a jumbo box, and Rashaad white drove right guard seven yards to move the drive. He found the left end wide open two plays later and ran 35 yards to the Browns’ 30. After a four-yard Vaughn run, the Bucs faced a third and one. Vaughn then ran it for four yards.

Vaughn then pitched it back to the Bucs to convert it with a left pitch that worked for six. The Bucs were able to gain five yards on White’s first-down run. A quick start by Josh Wells aided them. Brady hit Jones for six, then stood in the pocket for a while on third down. Then, Brady threw a touchdown pass to Godwin’s bread basket for a 10-yard tie.

With one play remaining on the Browns’ next drive, Brissett ran for 10 yards. He then drew a penalty of 15 yards on Devin White for a late shove out-of-bounds. S Antoine Winfield Jr. sent TE Harrison Bryant flying through the air, but Bryant held onto his position after landing on his forehead for a first down at 35.

On third-and-8, Brissett was looking for Peoples-Jones deep down the right sideline. But CB Carlton Davis had perfect positioning and almost scored an interception. After Davis took several minutes to get up, rookie K Cade York achieved the decisive touchdown with a 51-yard field goal.
After a screen to RachaadWhite worked for six yards, the Bucs faced a third and two early in their next drive. Brady targeted Cameron Brate wide open in the right flat, but DE Alex Wright was able to get a hand up and knock down the pass at the line for the first punt.

The Browns were forced to play third-and-6 by a sharp tackle from CB Jamel Dean after he passed to Cooper. The two teams switched sides, and ILB Lavonte David forced TE David Njoku to the sidelines on a flat route just one yard from the sticks. Kevin Stefanski, Head Coach, threw the red signal to contest the spot. However, the call was upheld by Cleveland, and they went for it on fourth and one from their own 41.

The Browns placed Hunt and Chubb in the backfield for a gain of two. Then they executed an underhand handoff to Hunt. Cleveland was facing a third and five just short of midfield. They tried to hit Cooper with another fly down the left sideline. The pass was incomplete because Dean was covering the play. With 12 minutes remaining in the second quarter, the ensuing punt was directed into the end zone for a touchback.

Richard white ducked under a tackler while he was passing over the middle for a third-and-inches. The Bucs were forced to punt again after LB Jeremiah Owusu–Koramoah cut through the line on third down.

Brissett discovered Chubb on the right sideline, and the back made his way up the field to gain 16. Brissett leaped out of a diving tackle and danced up the sideline for 17 more to the Bucs’ 31. Hunt converted a third and two by charging up the middle and making it to Tampa Bay 14. The Browns were able to gain 10 yards with a holding penalty. Anthony Nelson’s tackle for loss on Chubb made it third-and-17 from 21. The Bucs quickly spotted Cooper’s tunnel screen and stopped it for no gain. York’s second field goal attempt was a 39-yarder. The score was 10-7 at the end of the first half.

Although the Bucs seemed to be able to kick off the drive with Evans’ significant gain down the left sideline, it was a 10-yard loss due to an offensive pass interference call. Godwin gained nine yards after Center Robert Hainsey made an important moving block. Godwin battled for the sticks on a short pass, but the Bucs still needed seven yards to go on third down. The two-minute warning came, and Godwin was a yard short.

Brady’s brilliant keeper helped the Bucs make it to fourth down. In a rush, Brady tossed Godwin two times in succession, the second going down the middle for 23 yards to the Cleveland 30. After Evans’ two serious attempts failed, the Bucs attempted a 42-yard field goal. Ryan Succop made it to tie the game at 39 seconds.

The Bucs’ coverage allowed Jerome Ford to return a kickoff from 44 yards, giving Cleveland a chance to get in field goal range. Cooper was able to catch a quick catch thanks to a solid first-down blitz from S Keanu Neal and a tackle by Sean Murphy-Bunting. Evans intercepted Brissett’s Hail Mary pass in the end zone.

The Bucs had the ball at the start of the second half, but they couldn’t get it due to DT Jordan Elliott’s second-down sack. To make matters worse, the punt coverage group gave up a 29-yard return by Peoples-Jones to Cleveland to give them a starting point at their 42. Winfield, who was back in the game following a concussion examination, forced Bryant to throw a quick Brissett pass for an immediate gain. OLB GenardAvery’s hit against Brissett forced an incompletion at third-and-10. The ensuing punt was taken into the end zone for a second touchback.

Brady had plenty of time to throw second down, and Evans finally found Evans open down the left numbers for an additional 28-yard gain. A Jones-esque end-around on a pitch that seemed to be meant for White resulted in a 15-yard gain. Brady then fired down Godwin’s middle for another 14 yards to the 22, and Brady was done. Brady was facing a third and one at the Browns’ 5. Brady faked a handoff and threw a touchdown pass of five yards to Kieft close to the right front pylon.

The Browns returned with a heavy dose of Nick Chubb. He ran five- and eleven-yard runs to kick off the drive. On his next first down carry, the Bucs stopped him and led to a third-and-3 from the Browns’ 48. Davis dived in front of Peoples-Jones for another interception, and the Browns sent out their punt unit. Jaelon Darden caught the kick at Bucs’ 11.

Both teams exchanged three-and-outs and punts. Neal and DL Logan Hall combined to end Cleveland’s possession with a third-down sack. The Bucs took control at their 30, and White ran 11 yards to end the third quarter. The fourth period began with a close call. Godwin split two defenders in the middle, but Brady was too far away to make the pass. Brady passed the third-and-9 to Evans down the right sideline, but it was incomplete and drew a call for pass interference on CB Martin Emerson. It was the 45th first down of the season.

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The Bucs faced third-and-6, which was then third-and-11. This was due to Julio Jones’s deep post that failed to connect. The Bucs were ready to take it on fourth and two with a Brate outlet pass. The Bucs punted away after Brady’s failed hard count pulled Cleveland offsides. The rookie CB Zyon McCollum spotted Jake Camarda’s kick just before the goal line but could not return it before falling into the endzone.

With 12:33 remaining in regulation, Cleveland had the ball at their 20. The Browns quickly reclaimed the ball from midfield with Brissett’s 17-yard pass to Schwartz and Chubb’s quick 15-yard run up the middle. White and OLB Carl Nassib’s sack left Cleveland in a third and sixteen hole. White quickly closed on a short pass to Hunt, and the Browns decided to go for it at fourth and 99. Brissett hit Cooper, but Cooper missed it. The ball was overturned on downs.

The Bucs took control just short of midfield but then went three-and-out and had to punt again. Camarda’s kick bounced sideways this time, and the ball was taken down at the five-yard line with less than seven minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

Brissett again threw to Cooper on third-and-10, and this time, Cooper could catch the ball for a first down. It was third down, with seven plays remaining. A quick screen to Njoku helped to get the chains moving again. Three plays later, it was the same story. Edwards intercepted a deep pass meant for Cooper but was shaken on the play. This led to third and 10. Nunez-Roches ended the drive with a 13-yard sack. The Browns then punted away. Darden fair got it at the Bucs’ 20, with 2:35 remaining.

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But Cleveland’s defense made a tremendous stop. Myles Garrett’ssack completed it. The drive took 14 seconds, and Cleveland used two timeouts. With just 2:10 remaining on the clock, the Browns have retaken the ball at the Bucs’ 47. Two minutes warning was issued after a Chubb six-yard run.

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Chubb made a shotgun handoff at the left end of the field and barreled down 28 yards to the 12. Devin White stopped Hunt from passing over the middle, making it third-and-9 with 1:06. Lavonte David, an ILB, made a fantastic play on the next snap and forced a loss to Njoku of one. With 32 seconds remaining in regulation, Brissett turned to Njoku on fourth down. This time, he was in the back end of the zone. The tight end made an incredible one-handed touchdown catch to tie it.

Brady crossed the ball to Jones at midfield using a 26-yard pass. Jones used a timeout with eight seconds remaining. There was still time to make a Hail Mary attempt, but it failed to complete the quarter.

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The Bucs won the toss to begin overtime. After a touchback, Godwin made a quick strike, and Evans missed a deep shot. The visitors were now in third and four. However, the neutral zone infraction meant that the Bucs did not have to convert the goal. It was third-and-5 again three plays later. Brady made a perfect throw to Godwin to keep it alive.

The Bucs launched a no-huddle offensive and faced another third down at Brown’s 46. They needed four. Brady’s clever flip to White under pressure would have worked, but Donovan Smith was flagged with hands to the face. The Bucs were forced to punt after Brady’s pass meant for Evans was intercepted by Evans.

With seven minutes remaining, the Browns’ first overtime drive began at their own 21. Cleveland also committed a severe penalty. They were forced to play a second-and-22 when a holding call had erased a Brissett scramble of positive yards. Njoku could not catch a deep ball, so the Browns took the safe route and ran a Hunt drive that White stopped with four yards gain. The ball was moved back to the 19, with the overtime clock running at 5:27.

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Godwin’s 12th catch made it to the 38. After Evans’s second deep attempt, it was third-and-19 minutes later. With 3:29 remaining, the play was stopped as Tristan Wirfs sought medical attention. A cart took Wirfs off the field, and Garrett ran around the end to score his second sack. The Bucs were then forced to punt again. Camarda’s kick was taken at Cleveland’s 29 with 2:45 remaining.

Brissett began the drive by striking Cooper 16 yards. Winfield was injured in that play. On third-and-4, Brissett spotted Cooper wide open and hit him with his fist after Davis had fallen. DB Dee Delaney eventually brought down Cooper, but Chubb won it in just two plays.

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