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India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final result:

England has made it to their place in the T20 World Cup final, with a spectacular win of 10 wickets against India in the final on Thursday evening (AEDT) on the outskirts of Adelaide.

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY
India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY.

Hardik Pandya bounced back from a simple beginning to give India an unbeatable total of 169. But the pre-tournament favorites never looked uneasy as Jos Buttler, and Alex Hales teed off from the start.

India against England T20 World Cup semi-final final score

Team1st Innings
India6/168 (20)
England0/170 (16)

India Vs. England T20 World Cup semi-final live updates

16th over: Shami continues. Buttler can cross the off-side and runs two times. Hales hit the ball across the top of the cover to make a boundary using a stomping shot. Buttler ends the game with a massive volley down the track and sends his team into the final with a ten-wicket victory. 0/170 after 16.

15th Over: Patel is back for the final time. Two runs only off it—0/156 after 15.

14th Over: Shami comes back to attack. Buttler runs over extra cover to get a different boundary, then goes straight to the ground to score six more runs. Buttler is again aerial, and, despite Yadav reaching it, Buttler loses the ball, and it bounces off to create an unintentional boundary. Hales and Buttler have broken the all-time record for most opening partnerships for a team in T20 World Cup history. 0/154 after 14.

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY

13th over: Pandya continues. Buttler also adds some scores of his own before the man who is the king of them all. Hales hits the mid-on’s top to score three more runs. Buttler shoots an up-and-down shot to create the boundary as England moves closer to the score and the T20 World Cup final. Hardik can hit it in the shorts, and Buttler takes advantage, hooking it to score a smooth six runs across the leg-side and completing his half-century. 0/140 after 13.

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12th over Ashwin returns. England plays in singles and twos before Hales is seen playing his trademark slog-sweep that will yield an additional six runs. Hales throws it over the off-side of the next ball to make an extra boundary. It’s a fantastic batting move, and India appears to be wholly lost in finding solutions. 0/123 after 12.

11th overPandya is smashed across the leg-side to take six runs after a decent length delivery. Hales continues to be a significant player in helping England reach triple figures, and then he gets two brilliant runs over the leg side. 0/108 after 11.

10. Over: Singh returns and is hit on the off-side by Hales to create an edge. Buttler can add a single on the leg side after a short delivery. India is all over the place around the halfway point. 0/98 after 10.

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY

9th over, Hardik Pandya is bowling at the moment. Buttler uses an acrobatic shot, and they can run four after some odd fielding at the boundary. That is a good over from Pandya, besides the sloppy fielding. Pant is receiving physiotherapy, and the players can drink early. 0/91 after 9.

8th Over Patel continues, Hales says thank you and blasts another six-over cow-corner. He reaches a half-century by hitting a single off the game’s last shot. A stunning display of the power of The Big Bash superstar. 0/84 after 8.

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7th Over: Ravichandran Ashwin joins in the chase. Ashwin frightens Buttler with two deliveries that spin a lot. However, Hales does not seem concerned when he performs a stunning slog-sweep to score six runs. 0/75 after 7.

6th Over Patel goes on, and Buttler performs a stunning sweep shot that runs six times over square leg and then one on the leg side. Patel can hit it just short of the portion and then is smashed by mid-wicket, resulting in another boundary by Hales. It’s the best powerplay by any team throughout the tournament—0/63 after 6.

5th over, Mohammed Shami is the first to attack India. Hales runs straight to the top of the wicket for another maximum before taking a step away and squeezing it through the empty slip area to create an edge. England is racing ahead with this one and making themselves ready to win. 0/52 after 5.

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY, T20 World Cup, T20 World Cup, T20 World Cup

4th over: Axar Patel is in the attacking position to bring down the pace. Buttler leaps over the extra cover to score a boundary before England putting four more singles. 0/41 after 4.

3rd Over: Kumar continues. Hales strikes through off-side for one run before stepping over the top of the mid-wicket and scoring two more runs. Hales is aerial in the final moments of the over and slams it over the extra cover to score six runs. 0/33 after 3.

2nd Over: Arshdeep Singh opens to the opposite end. Alex Hales gets away with an edge deposited on the off-side to score one. Buttler can get through the gap using an edge behind the point, and then it bounces off to the boundary for a further four runs. 0/21 after 2.

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1st Over: Bhuvneshwar Kumar opens the bowling for India and begins with an open. Jos Buttler can get on the board with a fantastic shot that goes through the off-side to create the boundary. Buttler can walk past Kumar through the off-side gap again to secure another border. He gets another boundary on the final ball he passes over and then flicks it through the leg-side and into the vacant area. A great starting point for England. 0/13 after 1.


England requires 169 runs to prevail. Incredible energy-driving of Hardik Pandya (63 off 33) in the last few overs, and Virat Kohli (50 off 40) played the role of anchor in a second half-century. Chris Jordan (3/43) picked three wickets on behalf of England. However, the England bowler Adil Rashid (1/20) was the best. It’s going to be a thrilling run chase at the Adelaide Oval!

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY, T20 World Cup, T20 World Cup, T20 World Cup

20th over: WICKET!!! Jordan bowls the final over. Pant will sacrifice himself in an out-and-back to give Pandya a chance to strike, and it pays off when Pandya hits an over-mid-on six with a stunning shot on with the next ball. Jordan bowls a full toss, and Pandya hits it to create an edge on the leg side. Pandya can walk onto his stump next ball and get out from the match’s final shot. 6/168 after 20.

19th over Curran remains for England. Rishabh Pant is off the mark by kicking the boundary, giving his body room to cut the ball over the point. Pandya has an excellent square drive to get a boundary in front of the issue before grabbing the ball with a small length and putting it over the mid-wicket, resulting in a maximum. Poor fielding at the boundary by Ben Stokes gives Pandya another line of play on the leg side. 4/156 after 19.

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18th over: WICKET!!! The next ball, after 50, Kohli looks for the square drive, but it is hit in the air, aiming it at the man at the backward point. 4/136 after 18.

18th Over: Jordan continues and is struck over the leg side with six runs from Pandya on his short border. Next ball Jordan throws the ball full, but Pandya throws it over square-leg for a second maximal. Kohli makes his century mark by slicing through off-side for two runs.

17th over:  Curran is back, and after dropping it short in the off-stump. Pandya comes in with a cut shot to score six runs. Curran dropped it again quickly, and Pandya rips it off for two runs. Pandya is thrown down for two runs using the hitting shot. 3/121 after 17.

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY, T20 World Cup, T20 World Cup, T20 World Cup

16th OverUNSUCCESSFUL REVIEW! Jordan returns with England and shoots one of his legs for an open. The pads hit Kohli, and the umpire in the field declares no. However, England took it up. The ball was hitting the stumps. However, it was still the decision of the umpire. Kohli makes the most of it by delivering the ball to Jordan across the side to create an outfield. Pandya throws an ugly hook to the leg side to score two runs. 3/110 after 16.

15th over Livingstone continues. Pandya swerves down the pitch for a boundary. It will allow him to increase the ante throughout the innings. Kohli performs a stunning cover drive to get an extra boundary, and he can score triple figures for India. 3/100 after 15.

14th overWoakes has returned to England. Kohli can find the gap off the side behind the point to create a crucial boundary. Pandya is struggling to move to this point. 3/90 after 14.

13th over: Livingstone is in the back of the strike. Pandya is leading-edged with two consecutive balls; however, both land safely. Fantastic shot for England, only three runs away. 3/80 after 13.

12th over: WICKET!!! Yadav is a bit greedy in his battle with Rashid, who is looking to take it over the off-side but failing to make it all in the process. Phil Salt takes a simple catch in the deep. Hardik Pandya is off the mark by grabbing an off-side single. 3/77 after 12.

11th Over: Stokes is back for England. Both batsmen score singles before Yadav takes a shot with a hook which flies over the fine-leg region to score six runs. He follows it on the next ball, taking it over the cover to create the boundary—2/74 after 11.

10th Over Rashid continues for England. Yadav takes a sweep shot to get one. Kohli fails to make the full toss of Rashid but only gets one. Good over for England. 2/62 after 10.

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY

India vs England: T20 World Cup semi-final. USA TODAY, T20 World Cup, T20 World Cup, T20 World Cup

9th over: WICKET!!! The new face of the team, Chris Jordan, is on the attack. Sharma takes cover to get an excellent boundary shot straight from in the middle of his. After three balls, Sharma flies it over deep mid-wicket and is snuffed out by a great diving catch from Curran. Suryakumar Yadav makes his mark with one. 2/57 after 9.

8th Over: Rashid continues. The duo of Kohli and Sharma isn’t exploding at the moment. However, England is determined to end it before becoming a tiger. Sharma is looking for a huge run and ends up top-edged, but it’s a good landing. Kohli can add a couple of singles in a tame way. 1/51 after 8.

7th Over: Liam Livingstone is bowled by, continuing his spin attack. Kohli runs down the ground and over the bowler’s shoulder to score an out. Kohli runs through the off-side next ball, scoring two runs before slipping through the mid-wicket to score one. 1/46 after 7.

6th Over: Adil Rashid joins in the chase, and Sharma knocks him down with an unorthodox sweep shot to gain an immediate boundary. Both batsmen add one each after the initial four, but Sharma gets away from a potential catch-and-bowled. The powerplay ends with a very even score in six innings—1/37 after 6.

5th over: Curran continues. Sharma starts his innings by putting a great flick over the mid-wicket to create an out. The following ball, Sharma strolls along the track, then can pull it through the leg side for four more runs. He slashes it at the point, and Harry Brook saves a boundary but misses a tough chance. 1/31 after 5.

4th Over: Kohli isn’t worried about getting off Woakes and playing a powerful covered drive with a loft that can last to score six runs. Woakes throws one to the leg side to create a loose ball. Brilliant hitting from Kohli as he slips one away on the leg side. 1/21 after 4.

3rd Over: Sam Curran is in the middle for England and is a problem for Kohli in the beginning, and Kohli’s Indian superstar is batting and failing to hit before scoring one that fell in front of the first slip. One run left in the third over as the left-arm seamer secured his hands close to the experienced batsmen. 1/11 after 3.

2nd over: WICKET!!! Chris Woakes opens up from the opposite side. Sharma puts it in the leg side for two runs, then adds another single in the same manner. Rahul attempts to cut a delivery from his own body, but he manages to edge it to Jos Buttler in the stumps, who makes an easy catch. Virat Kohli makes it from the field with one. 1/10 after 2.

1st over: Ben Stokes gets the first ball of the day for England and is sent to score a boundary off the ball’s first delivery to KL Rahul, who latches on a comprehensive and short delivery before cutting it off into the rope. Rohit Sharma makes his way to the line with a drive through the off-side for one. 0/6 after 1.

6.55 pm: Both teams will be singing the national anthem as we approach the start of this vast semi-final. Many Indian fans will be there, and plenty of noise all over the field.

6.30 pm: England has won the toss and will play in the opening session at the Adelaide Oval. Chris Jordan and Phil Salt are the new players on the team.

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