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Stephen Boss known as ‘tWitch’, dead at 40. , He was the DJ for ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show

Stephen Boss known as ‘tWitch are dead

Stephen Boss, the famous DJ on “Ellen DeGeneres ‘ Show” and dancer who gained fame in the show “So That You Think You’re a Dancer” has passed away. His wife, dancing artist Allison Holker Boss, confirmed in an announcement to CNN.

Stephen Boss
Stephen Boss

He was 40.

“It it is in the most heavy of my hearts that I am forced to tell you that my husband’s death. Stephen has passed away,” Holker Boss said in an email. “Stephen was a beacon of light in every space he entered. He valued family, friends, and the community above anything else. His leadership with light and love was the most important thing to him. He was the heart for our entire family. He was the greatest father and husband and an inspiration to his followers.”

“To claim that he left a mark on the world would be an understatement. And his positive impact will always feel,” the actress said. “I believe there will never be a single day that passes by that we don’t remember his memory. We would like to have privacy during this time of grief particularly for me and the three kids we have.”

Boss committed suicide, according to the report. Boss committed suicide, according to LA County Medical Examiner. According to reports, the LA County Coroner’s Office concluded its examination and released the final report of the death of Boss on Wednesday.

Boss was declared dead at about 11.25 a.m. early Tuesday morning, in Encino, Los Angeles suburb of, Encino According to LA County Coroner.

Stephen Boss
Stephen Boss

Holker Boss ended her speech with a statement that reads, “Stephen, We cherish you, we love you, and I will forever save the last dance to remember you.”

The couple got married on their ninth anniversary just a few days ago.

Many people shared the funeral on Wednesday on social media by sharing photos of him dancing and their memories.

“A compassionate soul and sweet person.. This is what I’ll be remembering about Twitch… The day he turned 40 was his big birthday celebration .. My heart is broken for his family, especially Allison and their gorgeous children.. This is heartbreaking… It’s a loss. am so proud of you and will always miss you,” daytime TV host and comedian Loni Love tweeted.

The family was raised in Montgomery, Alabama, and Boss was nicknamed young when he could not remain still for long periods of time.

He graduated from Lee High School in Montgomery in 2000. He then continued to study dance Performance in the dance department at Southern Union State Community College and Chapman University.

Six years ago, he sat down with writer and former footballer Lewis Howes for the podcast and spoke about his childhood, including being raised by a single mom and how his relationship with his absent father helped shape his.

Stephen Boss
Stephen Boss

“I am always the kind of person who said, ‘Don’t tell me what I will not do in the future,'” Boss said. “I remember talking with his father in the parking lot and telling him that I’m going to join the dance group. I’ll need performances and some cash to buy supplies,’ and it went off on this tangent…I thought, “Oh, I’m supposed to be doing this.'”

In 2003 Boss had a chance to be a semi-finalist in the MTV show “The Wade Robson Project” and also finished second-place finisher on the TV talent show “Star search.”

Being runner-up on “So That You can dance” in 2008 was an early start to his fame. He would then come back as the judge of the dance contest.

Ellen DeGeneres brought him on as her DJ on her popular talk show daytime in 2014, a position which he held until it ended its broadcast in 2015. Boss was also the co-executive producer of the show.

He kept in contact with his fans through his social media accounts, frequently posting videos of performing dance moves along with his spouse.

They were the all-star dancers on the 7th season of “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2010 and bonded romantically.

“We were dancing at the finale party during the final season of “So You Think You Can Dance, and we’ve been friends from that point on,” Boss told People in February.

“There was no dialogue, no chat or even a meeting. We danced, and we were in a hug the next day,” Holker Boss added. “And we didn’t look back.”

The couple is the father of three kids. Boss’ final Instagram post on Monday featured him and Holker Boss singing in front of the Christmas tree.

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