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Seahawks vs Raiders game, some important points for seahawks to learns from lossing game to Riaders, 2022.

Seahawks vs Raiders Game

Josh Jacobs ran through Seattle’s defense once more, unassisted on an 86-yard touchdown run that gave the Las Vegas Raiders a dramatic walk-off victory over Seattle, 40-34 in overtime, before a crowd at Lumen Field of 68,849.

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The Seahawks (1-6) were pushed out of first in the NFC West and out of contention for the NFC playoffs.

Three immediate reactions to this game:

Run down

The Seahawks couldn’t run the ball offensively and struggled to stop it on defense.

This is a recipe for disaster, and Sunday was no exception.

Jacobs was the only answer from the Seahawks. This was the story of the game.

Jacobs ran straight through the Seahawk’s defense on the Raider’s second overtime drive — straight up the middle and directly to a goal.

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Simply stunning.

Jacobs ended the game with a record 229 yards of rushing on 33 runs and touchdown runs of 30 & 86 yards.

The Raiders had 576 yards total offense, the third-most the Seahawks have allowed in a game.

Are you worried?

Well, yeah.


The Seahawks are not only concerned about their run defense, but they have also been unable to run the ball.

The Raiders defeated the Seahawks 283-355, the third consecutive time Seattle was held to less than 90 yards of ground in four games.

Rookie Kenneth Walker III ran for two touchdowns, but the Seahawks running attack was not a factor. Walker was able to run for 26 yards on 14 runs but was held to 17 yards on ten runs in the loss to Tampa Bay. This was due to Walker’s inability to run on a slippery surface in Germany.

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Both sides of the ball have been a problem for the Seahawks. They must find a way for the ball to be run and stop it from being run.

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Chances missed

Geno Smith and the offense had many chances to win the game.

Smith’s miscommunication with Walker at the Las Vegas 23-yard line early in the fourth quarter led to Smith’s loss. The Raiders won.

The score was tied late in regulation. With 1:54 remaining, the Seahawks regained the ball with no other time left but couldn’t come up with much. After a lengthy review, DK Metcalf caught a catch at the sideline overtime. Smith was then thrown out by Maxx Crosby, prompting a Seattle punt.

The Seahawks lost their sole possession in OT.

Smith’s stats show that Smith played a good game with 328 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. The Seahawks fail because they lack a complementary running game and miss opportunities at crucial moments.

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Now what?

To get back into the playoff picture, the Seahawks must work hard.

San Francisco (7-4) is now in control of the NFC West after a 13-0 win at home by the 49ers over New Orleans.

For now, the Seahawks’ loss moves them out of playoffs altogether.

The Washington Commanders (7-5) move into the seventh and final spot in NFC playoffs. The Seahawks are now in the eighth spot.

The good news for the Seahawks is that they play four of their six remaining home games. Next week, they travel to Los Angeles for the first game against the Rams. Then, they play at home against the Carolina Panthers on Dec. 11.

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