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Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay: How is the Sage Sonic Frontiers PS5 game?

While it’s partially broken like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) or Sonic Boom, Sage Sonic Frontiers, Sonic Frontiers is a wildly misguided title that is a mess of good ideas by making unclear narrative, technical, and game design decisions.

Sonic Team continues to demonstrate that it still needs to decide which direction to take with this blue blur and takes an unorthodox approach to an attempt. The competitor to open-world games rather than re-invigorate the strengths of more recent games such as Sonic Generations and Sonic Mania or classic titles such as Sonic Adventure. Sonic Adventure series.

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Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay. USA TODAY

I’ve played a few horrible games this year, and none has made me as confused as Sonic Frontiers. The game’s unresponsive gameplay makes for an ineffective Sonic entry. In contrast, design issues make for a weak open-world adventure, and the bad graphics do not qualify it as a fantastic contemporary display piece. I was left with a confused look on my face during the entire duration game’s Sonic Frontiers‘ 20 hours of playtime, and I’m sure you will as well. It’s not impossible to play; it’s just uncomfortable to play.

Story gets lost

Sonic Frontiers A lengthy list of issues begins with the story. Sonic, Amy, and Tails are all attracted by Starfall Island. Starfall Islands by their Chaos Emeralds. As soon as the trio arrives, the strange force can knock Sonic away and chases the companions ( & Knuckles) into a digital realm. Sonic explores the area from the island, revealing that his friends are in Cyberspace and that the unstoppable force that destroyed an alien civilization could be coming back. There is also a mysterious cyber girl called Sage with an unusual relationship with Eggman, teasing Sonic while he travels around the world.

Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay
Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay

We’re stuck with an unsatisfactory Sonic game storyline that aims to transform the popular cartoon into something more serious, but we need to do it better.

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Sonic Frontiers intends to be an older, more mature game (Roger Craig Smith is the voice of Sonic with a more mature voice in this scene). In the middle of its story, it becomes apparent that Sonic Frontiers is an experience of dying and moving. Characters constantly think about death, love, and whether they’ve done enough with their lives. Sad music plays as flashbacks play to the cut scenes you watched minutes earlier, and the game’s last shot will cause you to weep. Similar to Sonic Forces is only possible to take something seriously if you’re immersed in the extensive story.

Each time I heard a new dialogue, I was either in complete disbelief or laughing at the seriousness with which the game was trying to portray its own story. The story gets more bizarre as time passes and will probably be able to continue because of the popularity of YouTube compilations of the most bizarre moments (it’s as if someone created an entire game specifically for Dunkey). We’re again stuck with the Sonic game narrative that is trying to transform the series into something more severe and needs to do it right. This approach hasn’t worked with Sonic Team, so it’s no surprise it’s not doing well in this case.

Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay
Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay.

You begin engaging in the sport, but the situation will be more difficult.

You’re way too slow.

To give Sonic Frontiers an edge over games like Sonic 06 or 2014’s Sonic Boom, it’s not awash in glitches (at least on PS5, which was the only platform we could play before the embargo). The biggest glitch I experienced during my playing experience was a water texture that started glitching at certain angles. However, the problems, in this case, are more challenging to fix than a bug as they’re fundamental design problems.

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On the most fundamental scale, Sonic doesn’t feel comfortable managing. Sonic starts to move very slowly (players can increase his speed with the purchase of a collectible) with the help of an increase button that appears more similar to Sonic’s sprint. I was able to alter Sonic’s speed using the game’s settings. However, this threw off some of the game’s essential advancement hooks. It was a naive moment that showed how Sonic Frontiers’ performance could be better by default.

Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay
Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay

The homing and jumping attack feels slow and sloppy, which makes seemingly effortless jumps harder than they should be. Sonic needs to be able to keep momentum, and it can cause many problems. Even if you’re speeding up and using a high pad, Sonic stops abruptly at the point your finger has left your control sticks. Films of short duration often try to disrupt Sonic when he’s moving around, and weird camera angle changes could result in Sonic flying into the air in an unintentional direction.

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Sonic is either moving at full speed or does not move at all. And if your main character doesn’t manage well in a game like the genre of platformers, it’s likely to affect the whole game. These are the fundamental things that Sonic Adventure 2 achieved in 2001, but they can be better.

Collection chaos

Its size is incredible. Its five Starfall Islands are the highest Sonic levels we’ve ever had, and it took me around 20 hours to complete, with comprehensive exploration. However, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better since every island is a bit of a puzzle. While some people have called”this” “Sonic’s” version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, It’s more like the Ubisoft Open-world title.

Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay
Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay

It’s a game with goals and collectibles. Players travel across vast areas to gather various currencies that serve different roles. Platform and rail obstacles that resemble playgrounds are standard on the islands, and getting through those usually rewards Sonic With Memory Tokens, which can use to communicate with characters and further advance the story. The players will also meet minibosses referred to as Guardians who grant Gears, allowing players to play straight Cyberspace levels. Beating Cyberspace levels and completing bonuses objectives earns Keys that can use to get Chaos Emeralds. and are required to continue the story.

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Additionally, it is possible to find items that increase Sonic’s attack power, defence speed and ring count. Collect purple coins in a mini-game of fishing, and collect Skill Pieces which will later convert into Skill Points. Although there’s always something new to gather, the collectibles are distributed unevenly. Obstacles are randomly arranged around the globe, making it easy to get into one midway through the setup (imagine getting on the back of a rollercoaster).

Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay
Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay

The map doesn’t help either because of the way it is revealed to players. Sonic can solve various mini-challenges to reveal a portion of the map, but it will only reveal small squares of the grid-like maps rather than all the other areas in the region, which is a mistake that all basic open-world games can get right. Although you’ll be able to access an area map that reveals the exact location of the Cyberspace miniboss or level, these parts of the game have certain limitations.

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The entire market for collectibles is in a state of disintegration.

The Cyberspace level is linear and designed in a manner that will be familiar to players of recently released Sonic games. The more targeted stages that harken back to the classic Sonic zones like Green Hill Zone initially seem to be a great experience. However, they are affected by Sonic’s weak speed, which is more pronounced in smaller environments where players must always boost and move as fast as they can. In the miniboss arena, it is possible to beat some extremely quickly, while others are long-lasting battles. In addition to the poor mechanics, it’s rare to even get to Sonic Frontiers’ open-world experience.

Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay
Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay

It’s okay since the entire collectibles economy is broken for two reasons. Players can get essential items by battling random enemies, and Cyloop (a new skill that lets Sonic generate a stream of energy when running) can be found. Additionally, Sonic can buy these items in bulk by purchasing them from Big the Cat through tickets earned from the simple mini-game of fishing with buttons that I have always had plenty of Purple Coins to access. What takes you more than an hour to earn in the real world can be earned in a matter of minutes of fishing.

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Do you prefer to wrestle with complicated physics, long boss battles and frustrating Cyberspace levels for hours, as I did initially or go fishing for fifteen minutes and purchase all the items needed to advance the story? When I finished my time playing, I was determined to go with the second. To give players the means to make their own decisions, the game’s creators made portions of their game obsolete by their design.

Titanic problems

One feature of Sonic Frontiers that isn’t a problem is the combat that the game is characterized by its miniboss Guardian battles and enemies scattered across the islands, as well as massive boss battles after each island’s story. Sonic is equipped with a few basic combat moves and the ability to combat and dodge right from the beginning, and players can unlock the Cyloop and other skills by completing the skill tree by earning points. Combat is straightforward, and many animations aren’t appealing; however, this portion of the game is, at a minimum understandable and functions as intended when Sonic gets into a fight.

Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay
Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay

Combat is fun with standard opponents and miniature bosses Guardians; however, it could play better in Super Sonic fights with the Titan bosses from each world. The Titans are massive mechanical beasts they Super Sonic must defeat, and in the beginning, their massive size is remarkable. The battles soon become a mess, however. Instead of skills fighting, they are based on a random timer determined by the number of rings Sonic wears when he enters the fight.

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Sonic’s rings are depleted in these battles, and you’ll be automatically lost when they’re all gone, even engaged in an animation, a short time-based event, or a step away from a devastating hit. If you improve Sonic’s capacity for carrying and grinding coins using Cyloops before fighting bosses, you’ll probably need help to defeat them.

The presentation can also be a concern to stop the problems. The camera is often unable to deal with the magnitude of these battles, and it can be lost in Super Sonic or aimed in the wrong direction. Some boss animations are like they still need to be finished. Mainly that third boss rotates in quick circles, which look like a personal model being pulled with an unidentified hand. This is a sign of a more significant issue in Sonic Frontiers: it’s not an attractive game.

Not a 3D Blast

Even when playing with PS5, Sonic Frontiers is an awful game. Animations are mediocre all over the screen. The game’s characters are prone to Sonic and his foes snapping into specific positions instead of appearing dynamically animated even when they move. Sonic Team also decided that the Starfall Islands should look “realistic” (in quotation marks because the environments don’t look like they’re from an AAA game from 2022) instead of looking cartoonish style seen in many Sonic games. This selection only works across one level.

Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay
Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay

Textures are blurry, lighting is dim, and the obstacles that make up every island appear to be off. Although that could be the case, since the objects come taken from Cyberspace, They also appear to be thrown around with no logic or rhyme. They feel like something that’s not natural or foreign, and that’s not the desired impact. It appears to be an inexperienced Unreal Engine 4 or Unity Sonic tech demo. However, it’s not. It’s a AAA primary line Sonic game based with a proprietary engine created by Sonic Team ( and certain fans-created 3D Sonic games even look more appealing).

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Sonic Frontiers also has a terrible pop-in experience, even on a modern-gen console (I am still determining how it will perform on the Nintendo Switch). As you move through the 5 Starfall Islands, you’ll constantly be able to see lights, enemies, and objects just inches away, appear directly in the middle of your vision. This makes the game look poor quality and slows open-world exploration since viewing the entire gauntlet of platforms is sometimes tricky. The most enjoyable aspect of games such as Breath of Wild Elden Ring or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is seeing something off in the distance and contemplating “I want to go there” and then doing it. Sonic’s visual limitations render this impossible.

Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay
Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay

Sonic Frontiers is mediocre at its finest, but it’s seldom at its peak.

The camera can’t help in this way. It’s not only difficult to use during boss fights and battles but there are better choices for travelling around the globe. If Sonic is in an area, it’s difficult for the camera to focus on Sonic. This is a typical issue in game titles, but more challenging to fix are camera issues when exploring the world. When you’re out and about, the camera may be locked onto random enemies or minibosses, as it wants you to fight them.

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Sonic Team also decided that certain obstacles work best when viewed from a 2D perspective, and the camera will change to that and then lock itself into place even if you’re just a few feet away from the obstacles. This can cause players to lose their focus during battles and exploration since getting out of a platforming zone you’ve accidentally entered is impossible. 3D Sonic games are no camera-related games ruined by bad cameras. Still, Sonic Frontiers isn’t awe-inspiring in its design of the world, memorable set pieces, or fun and engaging gameplay to compensate for it.

Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay
Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, Sage Sonic Frontiers Gameplay

The most disastrous game of 2022

Despite all those concerns, this article does not cover the entire spectrum of devastation. Below is a list that highlights some of the game’s more bizarre moments to help you have a greater understanding of how confusing the game can be (light spoilers for the game will follow):

  • Each night, a poorly explained minigame for the slot machine is displayed, allowing Sonic to accumulate purple coins. The screen is covered as Sonic travels around the globe throughout the night, creating an endless cloying sound and obscuring basic UI.
  • The bizarre minigames are a great way to highlight crucial story points, and many are similar to the problematic herding missions in Twilight Princess. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
  • At the end of the third world, you can play an enrage-inducing pinball game that requires players to earn 5,000,000 points to advance. There are only three balls available.
  • I could soft-lock myself into the Cyberspace level when I lost my momentum while walking on a loop. I could also walk down 90-degree slopes when I moved at a slow pace.
  • The late-game world abandons the open-zone concept and features Sonic taking on gigantic towers. One of them, in particular, is extremely difficult to navigate because of the game’s weak speed.
  • Characters talk about earlier Sonic game bosses and game endings in dialogues reminiscent of Family Guy characters creating cutaway gags.

At its finest, Sonic Frontiers is mediocre. It’s rarely at its best. In 2022 it’s a good idea to purchase Sonic Frontiers if you’re a lifetime fan completely sold on the game (those gamers have seen more). Suppose you’re looking for a fast-paced game with a strong feeling of speed, OlliOlli World. If you’re looking for a story that’s a mess and incoherent but can eventually be woven together with a satisfying conclusion, then look at Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Do you want to be lost in a world that is open to you? Play Elden RingSonic Frontiers could be better at everything it does within 2022.

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It may not be as technical a mess as the other Sonic games; however, that’s not an extremely positive thing to say about it. Sonic Team tried to create something completely different in Sonic Frontiers, and it’s an admirable direction for a team of creatives; however, the fundamental design choices need to be adequately thought out. Even though Sonic seemed to be a joy to control, a myriad of poor execution issues could have put the game in a bind. One thing I can say about the game is that it can play on PS5, but there are more laudable things to say.

Digital Trends reviewed Sonic Frontiers on PlayStation 5.

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