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Packers Vs Titans: Packers lose the game by 27-17

Green Bay: The Packers did not build the momentum of last Sunday’s win and lost 27-17 against the Titans the following night in Lambeau Field.

Packers Vs Titans: Packers lose the game by 27-17.

Green Bay’s record dropped to 4-7 overall. The Titans increased their record to 7-3.

After the Packer’s defense made an important stop on fourth-and-1 on the Green Bay 5-yard line in the second quarter after shoving the RB Derrick Henry, Tennessee’s offense began to roll and scored touchdowns on three consecutive games.

While the Packers were struggling with their offense, Green Bay came out of halftime and scored an offensive field goal and a score in the 3rd quarter, but they never threatened Tennessee.

Green Bay’s defense also was able to stop three times during the 4th quarter. One following an interception made of CB Rasul Douglas to make it a 10-point contest and give their offense an opportunity. However, the Packers could not get any momentum in the following games.

For the Packers, quarterback Aaron Rodgers was 24-of-39 for 227 yards, two touchdowns, and an impressive 94.7 score for the passer. The RB Aaron Jones had 12 carries for 40 yards, the WR Randall Cobb had six catches for 75 yards, the WR Allen Lazard had five grabs for 57, and new WR Christian Watson had four catches for 48 yards and two touchdowns. Watson is averaging five T.D. receptions in the recent two games.

Tennessee TOUGH
Packers Vs Titans. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Source: Twitter@TennesseeTOUGH

For the Titans, the quarterback Ryan Tannehill was 22-of-27 for 333 yards, including two touchdowns with one interception and a 127.3 pass-to-pass ratio. Henry ran 28 times with 87 yards and a T.D. and made a T.D. pass in an intelligent play. New player Treylon Burks had seven catches for 111 yards. The WR Robert Woods added six grabs for 69 yards.

Here’s a summary of the whole event:

The Titans lead Packers 7-6 after the first quarter.

The Packers took the lead in the coin toss and decided to delay. Green Bay’s defense faced Tennessee in third-and-7position. However, Ryan Tannehill hit rookie Treylon Burks with a 43-yard pass into the middle.

Packers Vs Titans. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Source: Twitter@TennesseeTOUGH
Packers Vs Titans. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Source: Twitter@TennesseeTOUGH

The Titans hit first when the touchdown pass from Tannehill of 14 yards to Dontrell Hilliard, making Tennessee ahead 7-0 with just 10 minutes and 31 seconds to go in the opening quarter.

The Packers had to go three-and-out during their first offensive play following Aaron Rodgers’ third-and-6 pass to Robert Tonyan falling incomplete. Pat O’Donnell netted 46 yards from his punt following Rudy Ford holding C.J. Board to gain 3 yards.

Preston Smith celebrated his 30th birthday on Thursday and shared a sack in the second quarter along with Quay Walker of Tannehill for a loss of 9 yards. Tannehill punted after the Titans punted after going three-and-out. Green Bay is taking over at its own 22.

Aaron Jones slipped through for a 9-yard rout through the middle on the first down. Randall Cobb, activated from the injured reserve earlier in the day, snared an interception of 24 yards in a corner route from the slot, moving to Tennessee territory.

On the third and 2, Jones picked up four yards but lost the ball. Cobb did a dive on the ball on the Tennessee 25 to carry on the drive. Rodgers took the Titans with 12 players on the field and hit Christian Watson on an 18-yard touchdown to close the quarter. However, the Packers led by 7-6 to the Tennessee Titans 7-6, following the extra blocked point.

The packers are trailing the Titans by 14-6 after halftime.

The Titans were able to convert third-and-10 on a Tannehill throw at Austin Hooper, but Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur contests the ball’s location. Green Bay won the challenge and set up the fourth-and-1 midfield.

Packers Vs Titans. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Source: Twitter@TennesseeTOUGH
Packers Vs Titans. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Source: Twitter@TennesseeTOUGH

Derrick Henry gained a yard on a straight snap to start the first play. The Titans kept their place in the pack, and Henry added four yards in the next play. Tennessee pressed the ball to Henry, who picked up another three first-downs to bring the ball into the Packers’ red zone.

Following two more incomplete passes, Robert Woods came a few yards short of registering the first yard by completing a 9-yard passing from Tannehill. Tennessee scored zero points in the 10-minute game, with Green Bay’s defensive line waiting for fourth-and-1 at green bay 4. Green Bay 4. Quay Walker was responsible for the defense of Henry for a loss of 2 yards.

The Packers turned three-and-out before kicking into the Titans, who converted two more third-down conversions. Still, Henry finally scored with the score with a four-yard touchdown in the final minute to make Tennessee’s lead 14-6 with 32 seconds remaining in the opening half.

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At the end of three, the Titans outscored the Packers by 20-17.

The Packers started the second period by throwing a 9-yard ball for Allen Lazard and a 6-yard quick throw for Randall Cobb for the initial first down. Jones had his longest gameplay with an 18-yard throw after Josiah Negara’s Block for his Tennessee 43.

Packers Vs Titans. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Source: Twitter@TennesseeTOUGH
Packers Vs Titans. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Source: Twitter@TennesseeTOUGH

Green Bay advanced the ball to the 31, following a Dillon 3 yards run on third-and-1. They made another first down by completing an 11-yard ball for Lazard on third-and-10, which was then thrown to the Titans’ 20. The Packers’ run ended with Mason Crosby making a 39-yard field goal that cut Tennessee’s lead down to 14-9 at 8:25 at the end of the quarter.

The drive of 51 yards and 13 plays took 6:35. The Titans began their drive with their own nine following an unintentional block by Hilliard at the kickoff. Tennessee scored an explosive touchdown, with Chig Okonkwo scoring an 11-yard pass from Tannehill toward his Green Bay 43.

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A 42-yard pass from Henry gave him first-and-goal at the Packers 9. Tennessee scored on a clever play, which saw Henry finishing a 4-yard T.D. throw to Hooper to make the Titans ahead 20-9 with just 5:17 remaining in the 3rd quarter, following a missed additional point.

Cobb was once more the catalyst for the Packers’ offense by catching a 28-yard pass for the game’s first drive. Third-and-3 on the next drive, Rodgers threaded the needle to throw a 23-yard ball to Lazard at the Titans 8.

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Green Bay found the end zone with an 8-yard touchdown passing to Watson to reduce the Titans down to 20-17 with just 2:04 left in the third period following the Titans’ successful pass to Jones for an attempt to convert two points.

Watson has become the only Packers rookie to score multiple T.D. catch in the back-to-back game after Max McGee in 1954.

Tennessee’s offense responded again with the 32-yard touchdown pass to Woods for Green Bay’s Green Bay 28.

Twice is good: Aaron Rodgers throws 2nd touchdown at Christian Watson | Packers vs. Titans

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The Titans beat Packers 27-17

The fourth quarter started with an 18-yard touchdown pass to Hooper, the Tennessee lead to two points, 27-17, at just 14 minutes remaining in the game.

Packers Vs Titans. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Source: Twitter@TennesseeTOUGH
Packers Vs Titans. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Source: Twitter@TennesseeTOUGH

Green Bay went three-and-out after a long shot by Watson was missed on the first down. Douglas returned the ball to the Packers offense after they had nabbed another interception from the season before returning the ball to Green Bay 34.

However, the Packers did not have the opportunity to profit from this, and the ball was returned to Tennessee with 9:23 left. Krys Barnes was able to stop Tannehill at a third-and-1 position to cause the punt to be made that Keisean Nixon took 24 yards back to Tennessee 44. Tennessee 44. It was a season-long punt returned by Green Bay.

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The Packers’ offense was in control with just 6:59 left, but they turned it over after a down Rodgers passing pass to Lazard was deemed ineffective. Green Bay got the ball back after Preston Smith sacked Tannehill to make another Titans three-and-out.

The Packers scored a first down by completing a 9-yard pass for Tonyan and an eight-yard pass for Watson. Lazard scored the following first down thanks to a 12-yard pass on third-and-11. Rodgers was penalized for 12 yards of loss on the second down.

The Packers could gain 17 yards with the pass to Watson. However, Jones was blocked on fourth-and-2. The Titans were in control during the downs.

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