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Ohio State College football game. USC set on week 13

We’re now on the final Saturday of the season for college football, and the competition to win the College Football Playoff and conference championships has been re-enacted at crucial points.

Ohio State College football game
COLUMBUS, OH – SEPTEMBER 06: A general view of Ohio Stadium during the game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Ohio Bobcats on September 6, 2008 in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State College football game (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Finalists’ berths and major bowls are at stake and could make teams raise their game or fall short of the end of the line. These can result in unexpected outcomes, usually in areas where it’s not anticipated.

This is why we’re here to help you understand things. We’re here to help. USA TODAY Sports college football team includes Scooby Axson, Jace Evans, Paul Myerberg, Erick Smith, Eddie Timanus, and Dan Wolken are all in on the boldest predictions of Week 13 in the season for college football:

Caleb Williams makes Heisman’s statement against Notre Dame.

Ohio State College football game
COLUMBUS, OH – NOVEMBER 03: Fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes cheer in the stands during the game against the Wisconsin Badgers on November 3, 2007 at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State defeated Wisconsin 38-17. Ohio State College football game (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Whatever the opinion of USC, the head of USC, Lincoln Riley, one sure thing is that he can manage some offensive football. Their resume is impressive, and regardless of whether you’re Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, or Jalen Hurts, Riley has put the college football world and NFL scouts on alert. The latest development will be Caleb Williams, who bolted to the west with Riley after a remarkable 2021 at Oklahoma.

Williams will likely increase his odds of winning the Heisman Trophy with a consistent game at Notre Dame. Notre Dame, and to be accurate, the only opponent Williams must overcome to prevent him from becoming his third Heisman recipient is Ohio State’s CJ Stroud. However, the prize is for Williams to be recovered.

“Scooby Axson” – Scooby

Notre Dame is poised to pull the massive upset on USC.

Notre Dame was 3-3 on the morning of October. 16 after a shambolic loss to a weak Stanford team. Since then, no other team has performed better than Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish. They’ve scored at or above 35 goals in 5 straight wins and have won by margins of 17, 23, 21 (vs. Clemson), 21 (vs. Clemson), three, and 44. This week is No. Fifteen Notre Dame travels to Los Angeles to face the rival Southern California, which has conceded more than 35 points in its five previous games. Should they can get the Fighting Irish can slow down the no. 5 Trojans slightly, they could make it happen.

– Jace Evans

Michigan repeats the same mistake as Ohio State.

Michigan can run right into Ohio State and forces a critical turnover in the 2nd period to defeat Buckeyes Buckeyes to win their second time in a row and secure the right to play in the Big Ten title game. Although they’ve got a small margin of error against the Buckeyes and have displayed the unmatched ability to take teams out in just a few minutes, their success in the field and a favorable turn margin are two of the factors that could swiftly turn the game to the Wolverines to their advantage. If it becomes a quarterback-driven gameplay, the odds are off.

– Paul Myerberg

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Oregon State spoils the season of Oregon.

The Civil Ware is always unpredictable, even when Oregon State isn’t having a good season. This is different this season, as the Beavers are ranked in the Top 25, having had an eighty-three opening with close defeats against Southern California and Washington. They’re capable of eliminating Oregon from the Pac-12 championship game when the Ducks arrive in Corvallis. The fitness of Oregon quarterback Bo Nix also plays in Oregon State’s favorable position.

Nix wasn’t 100 percent last week and did not perform to the standard he usually does because of his limited mobility. The Ducks played a close game against Utah. However, If his health isn’t improving, the game will be significantly more difficult. Expect the Beavers supported by an enthusiastic home crowd, to take advantage of that excitement, beat their opponents, and eliminate them from the Pac-12 championship game.

— Erick Smith

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TCU will be getting a scare from Iowa State

If the team that is ranked first in the power conference is scheduled to take on the league’s last-place team, you’d naturally be expecting a loss. However, that may differ on Saturday when the fourth-ranked TCU plays Iowa State.

In some ways, the Cyclones were the total opposite of the Horned frogs and have had a poor break for every win thrown in TCU’s direction. Except for the blowout win against Oklahoma, The previous seven Big 12 victories totaled 48 points, which is an average score of 6.86. Iowa State lost to Oklahoma 27-13. However, the Cyclones were down by just 24 points in their six losses to the conference, which is the equivalent of a four-point margin of defeat, with none with more than seven.

For every crucial play TCU has made, the Cyclones were shattered due to a critical error. Iowa State will not pull off the vast victory they did in Fort Worth, but neither is it a walk through the park for TCU’s Horned Frogs, who will cause their fans more anxious moments. However, at the very least, Iowa State gets to keep the Cy-Hawk Trophy for the year.

— Eddie Timanus

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Tulane defeats Cincinnati to advance to the final American game.

The American Athletic Conference race has received less attention this year because an unbeaten team cannot be beaten. It’s been more evenly in the top three spots, including Tulane, Cincinnati, and Central Florida, getting away from the rest of the field. Central Florida and Tulane are the only exceptions. Green Wave needed to beat one of the two teams to claim its first conference championship since 1998.

On paper, the Green Wave missed its best chance to win UCF at home just two weeks ago. In the coming weeks, Tulane will likely need to travel to Cincinnati and make an upset to qualify for an appearance in the championship match of their conference and then play to win a Group of Five access bowl bid.

The expectation is that Tulane will be able to prevail against the Cincinnati team that is certainly aware of how to win. However, it could have been more impressive, reaching 9-2. In the background, Tulane’s Bearcats have defeated East Carolina by two, Navy by 10 points, SMU by two, and South Florida by four. It isn’t easy to win those close games during an entire season without seeing a return to the average. It’s likely to happen this Saturday.

Dan Wolken

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