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More than 2.4 million new customers join Netflix, and information regarding a password-sharing crackdown is revealed.

Netflix shares grew by more than 14% on Tuesday after the bell as a consequence of the company reporting better-than-expected results on both the top and bottom lines. The streamer also reported an increase in subscribers of 2.41 million net worldwide, which is more than double the number of additions the company had forecast a quarter ago.

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Next year, Netflix will begin cracking down on password sharing, preferring to give customers who have been using borrowed accounts a chance to create their own. Users who share accounts may also create sub-accounts through the company in order to pay for friends or family members to utilize their entertainment.

  • Netflix’s top and bottom line results for the third quarter exceeded forecasts. Tuesday.
  • In contrast to its prediction of 1 million net additions, the business reported 2.41 million net additions throughout the quarter.
  • The next year, Netflix will start to tighten down on password sharing.


The firm gave better-than-expected results on the top and bottom lines, which caused Netflix shares to fly more than 14% after the bell on Tuesday. Additionally, the company announced a 2.41 million net worldwide subscriber growth, more than double the additions the firm had foreseen a quarter earlier.

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Netflix will start tightening down on password sharing in the next year and will prefer to let customers who have been using borrowed accounts create their own. The company will also permit customers who share accounts to create sub-accounts so they may charge loved ones or friends to use theirs.

The Indo-Pacific accounted for 1.43 million more Netflix customers during the quarter, which made up the majority of the corporation’s net subscriber increase. With just 100,000 net customers added, the Netflix area for Canada and the US saw the slowest growth.

Spencer Neumann, Netflix’s chief financial officer, said on the company’s earnings call that “We’re still not increasing as rapidly as we’d expect.” Although we are pleased with our progress and have momentum, we are also conscious that much more work has to be done.

Netflix will discontinue offering guidance for its premium subscribers beginning of the following quarter, although it will continue to disclose those numbers when it reports its quarterly earnings.

Netflix projected it will add 4.5 million users during the first quarter of its fiscal year and indicated it expects revenue of $7.8 billion, in large part due to currency challenges abroad.

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The company praised a number of shows, including the fourth seasons of “Stranger Things,” “The Gray Man,” and “Purple Hearts,” as accomplishments that contributed to the third quarter’s expansion.

It also made a suggestion that its brand-new, less-priced ad-supported plan might be offered, which makes its debut in 12 countries in November.

On its new advertising endeavor, the streamer expressed “great hope.” Although it does not expect the new tier to have a significant influence on its fourth-quarter results, it does expect that membership will gradually rise over time. It presently anticipates subscriber growth based on its upcoming programming schedule and the predictable seasonality that takes place over the last three months of the year.

After a challenging first half, the company said in a statement on Tuesday that it “believes we’re on a road to reaccelerate growth.” The key is gaining the members’ support. For daily observation, we have continuously focused on exceeding the competition. When our members enjoy our programs and films, they recommend them to their friends, who then watch, subscribe to, and stay with us.

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