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Michigan State Basketball team Spartans lose to Gonzaga Bulldogs by 64-63

It was all the Michigan State basketball team could need for a memorable experience.

An exceptional opportunity for a nationally recognized opponent to perform like you belong and show the basketball world that you’ve got a committed team, anything else than winning. In a match, the Spartans could have had a chance to win. They could have been victorious.

Pierre Brooks
Michigan State Basketball. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty

The Spartans were able to open their eyes toward Gonzaga and could have won the Michigan State Basketball game

It will be a string since they were the superior team for most of Friday night’s game. It caused foul trouble and the cold shooting of the second half (5-for-20) to a slow final shot and a misguided 3-pointer by Jaden Akins right before the final buzzer.

The Spartans were up for this — starting from their biggest concern, center Mady Sissoko to their supposed strength, their backcourt.

MSU’s loss of 64-63 to Gonzaga on Friday on the USS Abraham Lincoln, just from the shores of San Diego, was the kind of game that alters how a team’s image is perceived and what it can do for its season. It’s not an outstanding Gonzaga team compared to other recent Gonzaga teams. However, the Spartans may be pretty excellent by themselves. They held a lead of 12 points in the second half, and it wasn’t just an accident.

AJ Hoggard controlled parts of the game. AJ Hoggard was the only player to control aspects of this. Tyson Walker, Pierre Brooks, and Malik Hall all had their moments. Sissoko was a great player (more on that in the next paragraph).

This defeat should annoy MSU since it doesn’t need to be. However, we only knew that possibility on Friday night.

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Michigan State football
Michigan State Basketball. Michigan State Basketball. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty

Sissoko is the one to answer the phone.

Mady Sissoko, I doubt you no more. A player who hadn’t made any notable progress in two years of basketball at college except breaking Ayo Dosunmu’s nose – this was a surprise. It was also remarkable. A party to celebrate her coming out. Sissoko on Friday was like a high-quality Big Ten big man. In playing, Gonzaga All-American Drew Timme was pretty well blocked for the majority of the game.

Sissoko had help, MSU’s guards digging down. Also, Timme ended up fouling the player out. However, Sissoko was an intelligent player defensively. He was essentially free of foul trouble until he picked up his third foul with 16:46 left and utilized his athletic frame and frame for dominance on the ball the way MSU’s coaches had hoped that he would only dream of.

If Sissoko did not get into foul trouble and was not in foul trouble, the Spartans could have won the game by double figures. It could sound like a way of applying an “if” to a certainty -that is, Sissoko and foul trouble. But this wasn’t your typical Sissoko-in-foul-trouble game. They weren’t sloppy, violent, or sloppy fouls. Some might not even have been considered an offense.

Sissoko scored 14 points4 for five shooting and 6-for-11 free throws, and nine rebounds over 25 minutes. The Spartans had 15 more points than Gonzaga when Sissoko was playing. He was in control offensively at his basket and never appeared in a hurry. Until Timme could recognize him in the late stages, he was nothing more than just a nuisance in the defensive department. He was an absolute presence. He was a constant presence throughout the night at the table.

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Michigan State football
Michigan State Basketball. Michigan State Basketball. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty

There are two critical takeaways from Sissoko’s performance on Friday night: He’s likely to give MSU an opportunity against top big men. Also, MSU will only be able to beat them with him, especially against an opponent with a powerful center. This is awe-inspiring to think about.

Freshman’s thoughts on the Gonzaga on-aircraft version for carriers

For MSU first-year students, This was when they realized the lengths they’ve got to take them. The game where you can see the value of experience. If guys were their age -such as AJ Hoggard, Mady Sissoko, and so on. — one year or two after, are on an additional level.

Jaxon Kohler came in Friday night with grand plans. He left on Friday night, shattered by the realities. Drew Timme ate him alive in the post. The credit goes to Kohler. The player kept fighting, tried to hold through, and came down with a solid offensive rebound. However, the difference between him and Sissoko during such games is noticeable. MSU had 14 points less than Gonzaga during Kohler’s 11 minutes. This isn’t an excellent sign for MSU. However, it deserves Kohler’s focus.

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Michigan State football
Michigan State Basketball. Michigan State Basketball. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty

The other MSU freshman big man, Carson Cooper, didn’t have a look at the court. It was surprising, considering how Kohler fought with Timme while Sissoko had been in trouble. However, Cooper isn’t part of the lineup at present.

Tre Holloman, however, is. He was a critical player that included deep into the second quarter in an extremely tight game. This is a sign of the trust Izzo has in Holloman, who experienced his first big moment in the game when he turned the ball over right before the half and not realizing the situation when looking at the clock but without having it affect his playing time.

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Holloman scored the alley-oop basket before the half-time buzzer. For the last stretch in the game, he was on the court in a four-guard team that included Hoggard, Tyson Walker, and Pierre Brooks. Holloman only scored two points from one shot and one turnover in just five minutes (though it was more like the amount). He’ll be involved in the action throughout the season.

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