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Mauna Loa is erupting for the first time since 1984, triggering an advisory on ashfalls to the Hawaiian Big Island.

The world’s biggest active volcano, Mauna Loa, is experiencing its first eruption since nearly 40 years, triggering an advisory for ashfall on Monday for the Hawaiian island of Big Island and surrounding waters up to 10 a.m. (UT) (3 p.m. ET). The eruption at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is not threatening downhill communities , nor travel to Island of Hawaii. Hawaii Tourism Authority tweeted Monday morning.

Mauna Loa is erupting. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter

Mauna Loa is erupting for the first time since 1984

Hawaii Tourism Authority tweeted Monday morning. However there is there is a “trace of less than a quarter inches” of ashfall may accumulate across the island according to said the National Weather Service in Honolulu stated, since winds could transport fine ash and volcanic gas from the downwind.

The reports of lava flowing into the southwest part of the caldera or crater, are being reported from the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency tweeted late on Monday morning. There isn’t any indication of any threat to the surrounding communities and no evacuation orders were issued, according to the agency’s tweet. 

In case of emergency two shelters were opened, and “roughly the half” of the recorded Mauna Loa eruptions remained in the area of the summit and did not threaten areas with populations. According to a different agency tweet.”People suffering from respiratory illness must stay indoors to avoid breathing in the ash particles. Likewise, anyone who is outside should protect their mouths and nose with a mask or a cloth,” the Honolulu office advised. “Possible damage to crops and animals. 

Mauna Loa is erupting. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter
Mauna Loa is erupting. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter

Small infrastructure and equipment damage. The visibility is reduced. Large-scale cleaning may be necessary.”The weather service warns that ashfall could harm buildings and vehicles as well as contaminate water supply systems as well as disrupt electrical and sewage systems, and even damage or kill plants. In addition volcanic ash that is abrasive can affect the eyes and the lung. 

The observatory has stated earlier that lava flows don’t affect communities living on downslopes. With an area of around 4,400 square miles Hawaii or The Big Island, is the largest within the Hawaiian chain, but it has the smallest population size of 200k people, as per the US Census Bureau, or less than 50 people for each square mile. The majority of the population lives in towns and communities along the coast.

According to past events, the early stages of a Mauna Loa eruption may be quite dynamic, and the location and course of lava flows may swiftly alter, the observatory said in its study, adding that “If the eruption is not confined to Moku’aweoweoarea, the eruptions of lava will likely be contained inside the caldera walls.”However the lava flow could be able to flow down the slope if vents that are erupting move beyond their walls.

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Mauna Loa is erupting. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter
Mauna Loa is erupting. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter

“Red shades of an eruption illuminated Monday’s early morning sky, according to video taken on Kailua Bay & Pier. Kailua Bay & Pier by Matthew Liano, a resident of Kailua-Kona located on the West side of Big Island’s coast.”The illumination is unlike anything I’ve seen while living in Kona for the majority time,” Liano told CNN. The eruption started at Moku’aweoweo which is the caldera at the top that is located in Mauna Loa, on Sunday at around 11:15 p.m. in the evening hours of HST (4:30 a.m. ET Monday) According to the Observatory.

It is close to Kilauea that began to erupt in 2018.

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Mauna Loa, which covers half of the island of Hawaii it has been active for 33 years since 1843, which was the initial “well-documented historical eruption” as per the US Geological Survey. The last time it erupted was in 1984, which makes this long period of silence the longest time in the volcano’s recorded time. 

Mauna Loa’s summit is just 21 miles to the to the west of Kilauea and is a miniature volcano that erupted over the course of 2018 sent devastation into the neighbourhood of Leilani Estates and destroyed more than 700 homes and forcing residents out. The agency says that Mauna Loa was experiencing a greater degree of turmoil, which was attributed in an update last month to increased seismic activity as well as increased seismic rates. 

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The number of earthquakes has increased from 5 to 10 earthquakes per day in June 2022 to around 10-20 earthquakes per day during August and July in accordance with the US Geological Survey. The highest number of over 100 earthquakes per day were recorded between September 23 and 29 CNN has revealed. 

The more active activity caused Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in October to shut down to visitors the Mauna Loa summit to all backcountry hikers until the next time. However officials from the US National Park Service said that the main park section maintained its open status.

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