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LSU football 2022: LSU Tigers defeated Arkansas by a score of?

Fayetteville: LSU freshman defensive linebacker Harold Perkins Jr. sacked Arkansas quarterback Cade Fortin at 1:19 to ensure the 13-10 win for LSU at Reynolds Razorback Stadium Saturday afternoon.

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LSU football. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty

On Saturday, Nov. 19, the Tigers will be back in action when UAB visits Tiger Stadium to pay their Senior Tribute. Kickoff will be at 8 p.m. CT via ESPN2, with pregame broadcasts on the LSU Sports Radio Network beginning at 6 p.m.

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Perkins was a dominating force against the Hogs with eight tackles. He had four for loss, four total sacks, and one quarterback hurry.

LSU football. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty
LSU football. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty

Greg Penn III was the leader in tackles, with nine. BJ Olajula also had seven tackles and a quarterback hurry.

Josh Williams ran for a career-high 122 yards, averaging 6.4 yards per touch and a touchdown. LSU’s rushing attack totaled 198 yards in the game.


The Tigers are now Western Division Champions and have been crowned the SEC Championship Game’s Western Division Champions after their win over Ole Miss, Alabama, 30-24.

LSU football. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty
LSU football. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty

KEY PLAYS of LSU football

Williams gained a first down with a 20-yard rush on 3rd-and-18 at LSU’s 27-yard line. But that was the end of the drive when Daniels was intercepted at the Arkansas 43 by Latatvious Brni.

After Ojulari stopped Malik Hornsby from running up the middle for a one-yard run on third-and-6, the Tigers had to stop on a three-and-out.

Cam Little scored the first goal for the Razorbacks with a 28-yard field kick. Arkansas led 3-0 after the first quarter, with 4:48 left.

Jordan Domineck stripped Daniels, and Brini recovered him at LSU’s 10-yard line. Penn stopped Hornsby on 3rd-and-3rd goal for a loss of one yard. The Hogs decided to pursue it from the 3-yard line on fourth-and-4th goal, but Mekhi Wingo stopped Hornsby without any gain.

LSU football. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty
LSU football, LSU football. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty

Hornsby ran to leave, but Perkins stopped him, forcing a fumble which was recovered at the Arkansas 37 by Ojulari.

Damian Ramos made a field goal from 38 yards, making it 3-3 at 9:28.

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John Emery Jr. gave LSU its next offensive possession, a 32-yard gain in the middle of LSU’s field. This set up a 29-yard field goal by Ramos with 1:51 remaining in the half to give the Tigers a 6-3 lead.

LSU and Arkansas combined for 53 passing yards in the first period. The Tigers gained momentum in running the game and rushed 104 yards in the first twenty minutes.

Ojulari and Ali Gaye tackled Hornsby on 4th-and-2 for a loss of 12 yards. This forced a turnover at the Arkansas 40, with 7:16 remaining in the third quarter.

Daniels found Kayshon Boote, completing a 26-yard pass to place the Tigers at Arkansas’ 1-yard line. Williams completed the touchdown with a 26-yard completion, making it 13-3 LSU at 5:25.

Cade Fortin and Matt Landers could pick up a 29-yard pass over the middle of the field on 3rd-and-17. Fortin ran for a 17-yard gain to the LSU 38 a few plays later. Fortin found Landers for a 40-yard touchdown pass with 13 minutes remaining.

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With 8:34 left to play on the first down, Daniels found Nabers to make a 12-yard connection. This was followed by a first down to the LSU 29. Daniels found Boutte on 3rd-and-7 for a six-yard touchdown, just short of marking. The Tigers stopped Williams on fourth down.

Perkins forced an incomplete at the LSU 40 on 3rd-and-10. The Hogs kicked the ball down to the LSU 12.

Perkins won the victory with 1:09 remaining. Fortin was forced to make another mistake by Perkins.

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