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Kyle Schwarber’s magnificent home shot leads the Phillies past the Padres in Game 1 of the NLCS.

Kyle Schwarber smashed a massive home run at Petco Park that had never been seen before.

The Phillies’ slugger blasting a ball into the second row of the second deck during Philadelphia’s 2-0 triumph over the San Diego Padres in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series was a moment that will live on in Philadelphia legend forever.

Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY/
Image Credit- Getty Images/ Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY

The longest ball ever hit in a stadium, it measured 488 feet.

It left his bat at 119.7 mph, the fastest ball hit by anybody other than Giancarlo Stanton or Aaron Judge since home runs began to be tracked in 2008.

It was so ridiculous that Phillies catcher J.T. Austin Nola, the catcher for the Padres, was one of the guys Realmuto approached to inquire if he had ever witnessed a ball trip that far at Petco Park.

He said “No”. 

“I was stunned by how noisy it was,’’ Realmuto said, “and to see how far it fled. That’s the most difficult ball I’ve ever seen hit in person. ” 

Kyle Schwarber’s magnificent home shot

The Phillies might have discussed Zack Wheeler’s outstanding seven-inning, one-hit outing, Bryce Harper’s fourth postseason home run, or closer Jose Alvarado’s ninth-inning escape from a stomach ache.

All of the discussion was on Kyle Schwarber.

The Phillies’ Rhys Hoskins remarked, “Wow, it looked like someone on a driving range taking a driver. “Seriously. The ball shrank quickly and drastically. I’ve been coming here for five years, and this is one of those things that you really don’t need to look at; you can just sort of hear it. However, I’ve never seen somebody hit the second deck.

Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY/
Image Credit- Getty Images/ Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY

Even though Kyle Schwarber’s home shot gave the Phillies a 2-0 lead in the fifth inning, it was so spectacular and impactful that it seemed impossible for the Padres to overcome.

Hoskins observed, “Scoring a run that emphatically looked like more than one run, even though it was just a single shot. broad swing You could feel the tide shifting in our favour more and more.

Four innings later, the game was finished, and the Phillies had stolen home-field advantage in this best-of-seven series by winning for the sixth time in seven games this playoffs.

No one is declaring the series over or suggesting the Phillies start marketing World Series tickets, but it gave the Phillies hope that the explosion would see them through October and into the first week of November.

Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY/
Image Credit- Getty Images/ Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY

It reminded me of Kyle Schwarber’s game-winning home run in the 2015 NL Division Series, which went over the scoreboard at Wrigley Field and propelled the Chicago Cubs to the NLCS and the World Series the following year.

Harper’s mouth dropped, the Phillies players screamed, and the owner was in complete shock at the home run.

Owner of the Phillies John Middleton has watched some of the best players pass through town over his time as a fan, but he has never seen a shot like this.

Holy [crap]! I shouted,” Middleton recalled. Perhaps it was more along the lines of, “Oh [expletive]! I’ve witnessed several impressive home runs. Howard, [Ryan]. Michael Schmidt Richard Allen Right centre field at Connie Mack Stadium had a Coke sign on top of it that I witnessed Dick Allen throw a ball over. That ball was comparable to Dick Allen’s greatest work. That was incredible.

Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY/
Image Credit- Getty Images/ Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY

The response to Kyle Schwarber’s home run ranged from disbelief to hysteria, and players were asked how they felt about what they heard, saw, and experienced.

Outfielder Nick Castellanos of the Phillies recalled, “I exclaimed, “Holy [expletive]!” and extended our hand to him.

When asked if he had ever witnessed something similar, Phillies centre fielder Brandon Marsh, who spent two and a half years with the Los Angeles Angels and played beside two MVPs by the names of Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, said no.

Trout and Shohei are capable of many things, but Marsh said that it was one of the most spectacular swings he has personally witnessed. It was quite jaw-dropping.

Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY/
Image Credit- Getty Images/ Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY

After the game, Harper, who had been unable to speak at the time, was eventually able to explain what it meant but was still unable to completely analyze it:

Harper said, “I thought it shrunk really rapidly and incredibly little.” I have never witnessed a ball rise in that section of Petco Park. Simply outstanding. Wow, just wow.

Kyle Schwarber himself, who put his head down, jogged around the bases and pretended as though it barely cleared the fence, was the Phillies player who may have displayed the least amount of passion.

If it had been in the front row, I would have accepted, said Kyle Schwarber. It was fantastic just to be able to put up a run there and increase the advantage.

When Kyle Schwarber got to the dugout, the enormity of the home run really hit him.

Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY/
Image Credit- Getty Images/ Kyle Schwarber/ USA TODAY

Many folks just gave me strange looks, he remarked. Yes, that was cool, though. Cool situation.

Wheeler was far more thrilled with Kyle Schwarber’s one swing than with his 83 pitches, who was nothing short of outstanding.

When Kyle Schwarber walked to the bat, he was contemplating the upcoming inning as he descended the dugout stairs. Then, he heard a boom that resonated throughout the entire ballpark as well as the snap of the bat.

“I heard everyone kind of take off,” Wheeler remembered, “so I walked up the stairs and I watched it land.” That was so strange. That is something that I have never even seen in batting practice or anyplace else.

Although Hoskins said, “we had an opportunity to really create some noise here on Wednesday, we had an eagerness to get back to Philadelphia.” There are many males who are believers in this room.

And a large number of observers who feel that a single swing of the bat may have altered the course of the entire series.

We still have a lot more baseball to play, but given what we witnessed, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t considered what that may imply,” Castellanos said.

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