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Kanye West won’t buy right wing social media platform Parler at all.

Kanye West and Parler deal

Parler’s parent company, Parler Music, said it had “mutually reached an agreement” with the musician, who has been in trouble with Ye, to end the contract.

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Kanye West will not be buying the right-leaning social application Parler. The company announced Thursday that it had “mutually reached an agreement” with the embattled singer to end the contract.

Kanye West won’t buy right wing social media platform Parler at all. USA TODAY and TOMORROW

West Ye, who switched his identity to Ye, has been unable to secure lucrative deals in the past few months, including agreements in partnership with Gap and Adidas, because the entrepreneur made a string of public anti-Semitic remarks. Ye had signed a deal to purchase Parler for an undisclosed sum. Parler announced the agreement in October. This would have placed Ye on the helm of a popular platform favored by former President Donald Trump’s supporters.

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Parlement Technologies, the parent company, announced on Thursday its decision to terminate the agreement. The decision was taken in the best interest of both parties around the middle of November. In an email, a Parlement spokesperson said that the agreement was canceled “mainly due to his current and well-publicized business problems.”
The company has stated that it will “continue to look for opportunities to grow and the develop the platform that we use to support our community of users.”

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Ye was not able to be reached for a response.

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His standing and business relationships have been shattered in the past few months, as the once-popular artist has made insensitive and anti-Semitic online comments. The social media firms reportedly barred the artist over the content. However, the artist has since been granted access to Twitter.

Despite the criticism, Ye has continued with the provocative behavior. On the last day, Ye retweeted a clip of a talk by Infowars creator Alex Jones – during the interview, Ye, wearing a mask that covered his entire face, declared, “He is a fan of Jewish and Jewish people, and I really like Nazis.”

“I love Hitler,” Ye said in an interview.

Last month, Ye dined with Trump and discussed white nationalism with Nick Fuentes at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

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Kanye West’s antisemitism has cost him Adidas and a large portion of his business empire.

Elon Musk, a potential Twitter owner, first welcomed Ye back to Twitter in October with the message, “Welcome again to Twitter, my friend!”. ” On Thursday, Musk replied to one of Ye’s tweets, stating that “Jesus reigns supreme.”

Kanye West won't buy right wing social media  platform Parler at all. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter@Ye
Kanye West won’t buy right wing social media platform Parler at all. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Twitter@Ye

“Jesus taught forgiveness, love, and kindness,” Musk wrote. “I was adamant that showing kindness to others was weak and foolish, and that I was weak for failing to recognize its profound wisdom.”

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Parlement’s Chief Executive George Farmer said the company needed Ye’s “marketing power” in October, when the deal was made public. Farmer added that Ye was worried about “big tech’s control of the internet.”

Trump’s anti-Semitic dinner is an opportunity to test the GOP’s reaction to radicalism.
Parler increased in popularity following the 2020 presidential election. However, it was taken offline after the Jan. 6 revolt within the U.S. Capitol after tech companies expressed concern about its moderation policy. Parler came to the internet in 2021 but needed help to regain much of its popularity with users.

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