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4 Idaho students were killed near his campus

Moscow police are appealing to the public for help finding the suspect who attacked four University of Idaho students in an apartment near campus.

Moscow Police Chief James Fry stated Wednesday that “that individual is still out there.” “We can’t say there is no threat to the community.”

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Idaho students were killed near his campus. USA TODAY and TOMORROW

Fry stated that the victims were attacked with a knife and killed.

The victims were identified as Ethan Chapin (20 years old), Madison Mogen (21 years old), and Madison Mogen (21/21 years old) from Coeur d’Alene. Xana Kernodle (20 years), of Avondale, Arizona. Kaylee Goncalves (21) of Rathdrum in Idaho.

Fry stated that two other roommates were at home at the time and were not injured. He said that it was not a hostage situation. Fry stated that the roommates were at home when police responded on Sunday to a call about an unconscious person.

Earlier also, Idaho students were killed in a ‘targeted attack’. No suspects are in custody

Police stated that they are trying to establish the timeline of Saturday’s victims.

Fry stated that Chapin and Kernodle were at the party on campus while Goncalves was at a downtown bar and Mogen at the same time.

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Idaho students were killed near his campus. USA TODAY and TOMORROW
Idaho students were killed near his campus. USA TODAY and TOMORROW

According to Stacy Chapin, Chapin was not living in the house but was spending time with Kernodle while Kernodle slept over.

Mogen and Goncalves were best friends from childhood, Alivia Goncalves, Goncalves’ sister, said to ABC News.

She stated that she takes comfort in the fact that her friends were there for her last moments of life.

Fry stated that autopsies would take place Wednesday.

He asked anyone with information on the victims’ location to call the tipline at 208-883-7180.

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