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Fortnite Chapter 4 Launch Time When will Fortnite Servers Restart?

You won’t have long to enter Fortnite chapter 4.

Fortnite Chapter 4 is just hours away. While Epic hasn’t yet announced when Fortnite’s servers are expected to be restored, some historical precedents and reasonable deductions provide us with a particular timeframe. The short answer is: You will not be waiting for long. To get a more thorough answer, continue reading. Here’s the date you can start playing Fortnite once more.

How long will Fortnite servers be restored?

Fortnite is currently scheduled for downtime after the Chapter 3 final. This means that Chapter 4 is coming soon and will bring brand new weaponry, a brand new world, an entirely new battle pass, and other things. All of that is irrelevant till the Fortnite servers allow players to return to the game.

Epic prefers to keep the news from being a shock, but the recent past suggests Fortnite can be played again between 4 AM and 7 AM PT/ 7 AM to 10 AM ET on December 4. The three-hour window could be our guess based on having played through numerous seasons of Fortnite. However, the timing could change due to various reasons.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Launch Time

In the first place, the first reason, it takes time to install the latest patch. Patches may be delayed. Even when Epic intends to launch Chapter 4 at the earliest date possible to release Chapter 4, things can hinder this strategy. It’s important to note that during the last year, the New seasons (and the release of Chapter 3) featured a queue system that hindered gamers’ abilities to enter the game beyond that main menu.

It is highly recommended to expect — and prepare for a queue when you start Fortnite on the morning of tomorrow. The launch of a new chapter is about as massive as you can get in Fortnite, and it’s likely to be a full day of play for Epic and Fortnite players everywhere.

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Just being present when servers go online can cause some extra waiting time. However, the wait time will increase if you’re tardier than the others, and this is a time when you’ll need to be prepared, implement the update as quickly as you can, or be sure that it updates automatically on the platform you prefer so that you don’t need to.

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With that thought in mind, prepare to go to a brand new map with a brand new battle pass and weapons. Plus, whatever other secrets Fortnite offers players. See you on our Battle Bus!

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