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Donald Trump confirms He is coming back in 2024

Donald Trump, who tried to overturn the outcomes of the presidential election, and caused an unprovoked riot in the Capitol in a desperate effort to stay in the White House, has announced the possibility of running to be the President in 2024.

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Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.

Donald Trump announcement

“I am announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” Trump, aged 76, announced, surrounded by giant American flags, in the Mar-a-Lago club and at his home in Palm Beach, Fla.

The announcement and the official filing will come just one week after the midterm elections of 2022, which saw a disappointing performance by the Trump-backed Republican candidates in crucial Senate races and the highly competitive House elections. This is why Democrats retained majority control over the Senate.

“America’s comeback starts right now,” Trump declared, declaring, “Your country is being destroyed before your eyes.”

The dark vision harkened back to Trump’s inaugural speech of a nation suffering “American carnage” and needed him to correct it.

Trump running in the race could lead to an opportunity for a possible rematch with Joe Biden, who turns 80 on Sunday and has said the plan is to be a candidate for an election in 2024.

Exit polls indicated that inflation would be the main issue among the midterm election’s voters overall. They said they rely on Republicans more about this issue over Democrats by a significant margin. And the voters were nearly three-quarters white, which reversed an era-long trend of decrease in white voters in the form of a proportion of the electorate in midterm elections.

Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.
Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.

Yet, Republicans underachieved — and finger-pointing is being directed toward Trump, even from within his party.

The anger about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade, which allowed abortion to be legal in the U.S and boosted Democrats in the recent elections. However, voters also signaled that they don’t like extremes and rejected Trump candidates across the ballot, who proclaimed baseless claims about his election.

Republicans were defeated in the competitive Senate races in the purple states such as Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Nevada. Democrats may increase their majority by running second election three weeks away in Georgia, along with another Trump endorser struggling to win.

In the House, Republicans are on the brink of taking being in control, though with much less than they had hoped for, which could hinder their ability to pass legislation this year.

Of 64 House race contests that the Cook Political Report rated as toss-ups or leaning towards one side or the other, Trump was endorsed in 21. Seven candidates have been successful. The situation was worse when it came to Trump campaigners in most contests. Out of the three dozen toss-up contests, Trump backed nine candidates. One candidate has been successful.

Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.
Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.

Yet, Trump is launching another campaign for President and saying that his candidates performed well. However, his image and style of politics are active in competitive states and districts in multiple elections in a row.

Trump’s decision shows a certain amount of vulnerability, an attempt to thwart the GOP presidential field and to force Republican representatives to step off the sidelines to support his candidacy.

He doesn’t want to provide any air to any possible rivals who might be spotting the possibility, particularly one like Florida Republican Governor. Ron DeSantis.

What’s the deal with “DeFuture”?

A lot of the Republican party has been openly questioning whether it’s wise to keep tying their wagons towards the previous President, particularly when Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis is waiting in the waiting.

Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.
Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.

DeSantis was easily reelected as governor of Florida this week. He’s a conservative who has been in the news for his decision to fly immigrants to Texas across the state to Martha’s Vineyard and other liberal cities and enclaves. Generally regarded as being a less shrewd model of Trump.

Rupert Murdoch owns it. New York Post, which has turned against Trump in his Jan. 6 congressional hearings’ revelations, called DeSantis ” DeFuture” – in addition to Trump ” Trumpty Dumpty,” who “couldn’t build a wall” and “had a great fall.”

Certain conservative groups have also released polls just a few days following the midterm elections, which showed DeSantis prevailing over Trump in the early presidential primary states and places like Texas.

The message was clear it was time to find someone else to take the initiative.

However, Trump’s influence over the GOP base should not be undervalued. There are other instances in which it seemed like the “fever” might break but never happened, not in the context of defending the late senator from the Republican party. John McCain’s reputation as a war hero, not even the Access Hollywood tape where he boasted about assaulting women, and not the dozen women who accused him of sexual assault or misconduct in January. Six protests.

However, this latest setback could threaten the one thing Republican officials are most concerned about the possibility of winning.

Their resolve will be tested since the group is set for an election in the coming two years.

Trump is unflinchingly confident and is ready to fight

He was recently known as DeSantis Ron “DeSanctimonious.” He touted polling before Election Day that he declared showed him to be ahead of the pack in a possible GOP primary for President.

Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.
Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.

He has created his own online social media site -founded by him after the mainstream platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to spread misinformation and incite insurrections to attack the media and the naysayers and to disperse unsubstantiated conspiracy theories regarding the election.

We can expect more similar from the candidate Trump time and time again.

It’s difficult for the Trump party to ignore that his image hasn’t been well-liked in the states of purple since the very beginning of his tenure in the presidential arena, particularly since the consequences of it have afflicted them.

He could have been a presidential candidate in 2016. However, several states in the swing were extremely close, and he lost the popular vote by three million votes.

The midterm elections in 2018 saw his party lose 40 House seats and the majority of the chamber.

After four years as President, which saw most voters disapproving of the work he was performing consistently and not handling the coronavirus pandemic properly, Trump lost his reelection candidacy in 2020.

Many swing states were closed. However, he could not win the popular vote by more than 7 million votes.

Instead of settling and having no alternative to explain his losses, Trump retrenched and cried for his sham.

After numerous audits, recounts, and court cases, Biden’s victory was confirmed every time. However, Trump continued to spread lies and incited ordinary Republicans to engage in dangerous conspiracy theories that destroyed their trust in the voting system.

Courts have proved that the election of 2020 was fair and had minimal fraud, which was not enough to invalidate the results.

However, Trump made his false story about a fraudulent election into a sort of test for candidates he might be a partisan for in the midterms. They were encouraged in the primaries, and many lost the final election, handing seats to Democrats who non-election denial Republicans could have won.

Unpopular across the board — except for the Republican base.

The majority of Americans remain to do not like President Obama’s presidency. At least before the midterm elections, He was the most well-known and influential persona within his own Republican Party.

Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.
Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.

Despite recent defeats, he has still been considered the frontrunner to win his GOP presidential nomination. Taking on his challenge will require a lot -of time, money, and fighting. Indeed, it is Trump and the GOP establishment in various ways. The Republican National Committee and many state parties are stuffed with Trump supporters.

Trump’s grip on the Republican Party appeared to be losing, at the very least during the summer, due to his hearings on Jan. 6 and the distance and time from the throne. However, the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Florida residence strengthened his hold, and GOP base voters perceived Trump as the victim.

The former President has always employed victimhood, particularly white grievance, and victimhood, to fuel his political fire.

There are many others in the works.

It’s not just DeSantis that might challenge Trump to win the nomination. It needs to be clarified if DeSantis would. He’s only 44 and will likely be cautious not to upset the base of loyal Trump supporters and perhaps to remain faithful. Trump.

Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.
Donald Trump confirms He is coming back. USA TODAY and TOMORROW. Credit: Getty.

Other Republicans are also in the ring, preparing themselves and making preparations to run for President in 2024. They have their ideas, including Trump’s former vice president Mike Pence, former Trump United Nations Ambassador, Nikki Haley, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and South Dakota Governor. Kristi Noem.

Trump’s unconventional move to join the Trump Organization in the current time frame is an attempt to deflect these efforts, clearing the way and refocusing towards him, especially since Trump is the subject of multiple criminal and civil investigations in a variety of states. Trump is also subject to criminal probes into his finances, including tax returns and the management of his Trump Organization, which has been run and fighting numerous lawsuits.

A Trump vs. Biden rematch?

Trump’s announcement comes at a time when Biden is facing several political obstacles. His popularity has been shattered because inflation has continued to increase as gas prices rose and coronavirus variants plague have continued to pop up.

The President’s approval ratings fell during the fall and summer of 2021 following the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan that was announced under the Trump administration. The decision was widely criticized because of its chaotic operation under Biden.

While Trump fell short against Biden primarily due to losing substantial support from the vast section of suburban and independent nationwide voters, he is popular with Republican voters.

Biden, however, on his part, has been unable to keep his base energized. In the current climate of extreme polarization, his popularity within the President’s party and gaining the remaining people who are swing voters is the way to win an election.

As President, Trump often inflamed cultural grievance

Trump’s election victory in 2016 was among the most dramatic outcomes of American history. Trump was an unpopular president who made more than 30000 false or misleading statements while in his position and was twice impeached, and whom Americans believed was not handling the pandemic of coronavirus.

This was the reason for Trump losing his reelection campaign to Biden. With Biden’s support decreasing and the economy at an unstable point, Trump sees an opportunity to regain power.

During his presidency, Trump weaponized white cultural discontent and right-wing nationalism and, ironically, questioned his standing as an Ivy League-educated billionaire in the anti-elitist populist economic system.

The underlying principle of Donald Trump’s candidacy in 2016 and his subsequent presidency was nativism. Trump campaigned on the construction of walls to keep immigrants of Spanish speaking out from his United States; in his beginning days as President, he prohibited those from a variety of predominantly Muslim countries from entering the country. For instance, he also stoked the racial divide when he claimed that it was “wonderful people” on both sides of a white nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Va., where a counter-protester was shot dead. He frequently exaggerated the dangers he faced to provoke fear and anger among most Americans.

The crime, the gangs, and the drugs that have taken too many lives and deprived our nation of untapped potential,” Trump said during his address to nation’s inaugural address in 2017. However, the country has seen an overall decline in violent crimes.

“This American carnage stops right here and stops right now,” Trump declared in the immortal quote from his first presidential address.

As violent crime is rising in the major urban areas, Republicans are using the topic during the midterm elections to entice their supporters — and it’s sure to be one of the arguments Trump employs again.

Trump pushed policies conservatives favored

Many Republicans were known to say, privately, even at Capitol Hill, that they were not a fan of Trump personally; however, they were still in support of his presidency despite the chaos they frequently observed throughout his administration.

For many on the right, however, the real reason was that Trump was pushing several policies that conservatives favored.

He passed tax reforms that primarily benefitted the rich and corporations. He appointed three conservative justices to the Supreme Court and oversaw rapid economic growth until the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe.

The selection of these justices has yielded fruit for conservatives fifty years into the ripening process. The court clearly and unambiguously upheld Roe V. Wade, sending abortion law back to the States and blocking all access to abortions for millions of women across the United States. The court also upheld the right of owners of guns and is poised to further establish the social structure of conservatives in the coming ways that will have ramifications for generations to follow.

Continued falsehoods about losing the election

After losing his reelection, Trump refused to concede and disagreed with the American custom of peaceful power transfers. He left Washington just hours before Biden’s inaugural. He was adamant and invented fraud allegations in the belief that”the ” real insurrection” occurred on Election Day to minimize the devastating January. During the rally a few hours earlier, six attacks at the Capitol were prompted in part by his own words.

He also unsuccessfully pushed officials from the federal and state levels to take unprecedented and sometimes unlawful actions to reverse his loss.

This gave him an exit ramp that he never had to acknowledge defeat. Despite reviews and audits in several states, there is no proof that fraud is widespread.

But Trump continues the lie.

The extent of Trump’s work has been revealed in various hearings in the Jan. 6-related committee hearings that included testimony from witnesses within Donald Trump’s White House, who worked on his campaign to win his election, and the top DOJ along with state elections officials.

Despite his role in the incident of the Jan. 6 insurrection, most Republican officials, worried about his influence over Trump’s GOP base and the possibility of a reaction, opted not to respond to criticizing Trump’s 45th presidency. Some, like Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, were slammed by Trump-backed challengers in the primary. Cheney lost her bid to reelect her along with other Republicans who voted for the impeachment of his office. In actuality, only two out of the Ten Trump House Republican impeachers remained on the ballot.

Jaime Herrera Beutler, a Trump supporter, was defeated in a GOP primary. Then it was ironic that a Democrat won the seat in District 3 of the Congress of Washington state.

Trump has the cash to run for President again, amassing hundreds of millions in dollars from his political campaigns.

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