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Death Stranding Director’s Cut Free Game is replaced by the Standard Version on the Epic Games Store 2022. 

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is swiftly replaced as the daily free game offering on the Epic Games Store by the normal release of the title. 

Death Stranding, Epic games, Epic Games Store,
Death Stranding, Epic games, Epic Games Store,  

The normal edition of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has taken its position as the free game for Christmas Day on the Epic Games Store. The Epic Games Store’s servers briefly went down due to the influx of people trying to get today’s free gift, leaving many people perplexed and angry. Along the way, Epic Games stoked the flames by abruptly removing Death Stranding: Director’s Cut from their website. It has been replaced with the Death Stranding standard edition, and it’s not at all obvious what happened. 

Daily free games during the holiday season are now a yearly tradition at Epic Games. With 15 days of free games beginning on December 15 and continuing through December 29, the party has continued this year. Costume Quest 2, LEGO Builder’s Journey, the first Fallout and Fallout 2, and other games have already been made available. For the past few years, the Epic Games Store has saved a blockbuster game for Christmas Day, December 25, and it has once again delivered with Death Stranding. 

To be clear, when the free game for December 25 first went up at 8:00 AM PT, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut was unquestionably made accessible for free. Many Epic Games Store users were able to download the game before the server problems even occurred, and by all reports it is still in their library today. However, after about 90 minutes, Epic Games switched Death Stranding: Director’s Cut for the ordinary edition. No justification has been given. 

Death Stranding, Epic games, Epic Games Store,

The fact that the Director’s Cut appeared to have been confirmed before it went public is what makes the scenario so peculiar. A few hours prior to debut, data miners were able to determine that it would be the Director’s Cut. Additionally, at least one person got in touch with customer care at Epic Games to ensure the Director’s Cut was indeed intended to be accessible. But it was obviously inaccurate. It is now quite evident that making the Director’s Cut available was a huge error. 

Particularly for PC, The Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is a major improvement over the original game. Players will be interested in the Ruined Factory adventure, which includes additional graphical options including 4K resolution support, the elimination of product placement for things like Monster energy drinks, new fighting skills, and equipment. 

Fortunately, upgrading Death Stranding from the normal edition to the Director’s Cut is reasonably easy and inexpensive. It usually costs $10, but is currently 40% off, making it only $6. It’s presumably being made available as a free game on the Epic Games Store in order to make a little extra money. Anyhow, having a free copy of Death Stranding via the Epic Games Store is still preferable to having none at all. 

On the Epic Games Store, Death Stranding is currently free to download. 

Here at PC Gamer, we love playing board games. We chose Death Stranding as our 2020 Game of the Year and were grateful for all the extra features the Director’s Cut brought to an already outstanding title. Even while the main game is now somehow a full three years old, it was only launched on PC this year, making this a very recent giveaway for Epic. 

We discussed how the pandemic affected our experience with Death Stranding earlier this year(opens in new tab). Now that we know a sequel is in the works, we may hope it will feature even more outrageously named characters. 

Although the Death Stranding Director’s Cut offer seems to be straining the Epic Games Store, it is still accessible as of this writing. Give it some time to load, then try again if you’re having difficulties. Death Stranding will remain on sale for another day before returning to its regular $40 pricing. If you already purchase the main game on Steam, you can upgrade to the Director’s Cut for for $6 as part of the current Steam deal. 

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