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Commanders Vs. Eagles game recap: Important points of the game…

Commanders Vs. Eagles game

The Eagles had plenty of chances. However, the Eagles were sunk by four mistakes, losing 32-21 to the Washington Commanders. It was a loss for the Eagles to be 8-1 and lead the NFC East narrowed to only one game. The Commanders are in the middle of the battle with a record of 5-5.

Commanders Vs. Eagles game recap
Commanders Vs. Eagles game. USA TODAY and Tomorrow

While the Commanders forced four mistakes and four turnovers, the Washington offense dominated the game using their rushing game, retaining possession for 40:24 while converting 12 third-down scenarios.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts completed 17 out of 26 passes for 175 yards, with two scores, an interception, and an impressive 94.2 pass rating. Hurts also scored a running touchdown in the opening Quarter. The running back, Miles Sanders, gained 54 yards with 12 runs. Wide receiver Quez Watkins scored 80 yards in receiving, and on a 50-yard catch, he lost a crucial mistake in the fourth Quarter.

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Commanders Vs. Eagles game – FIRST Quarter

The defense was within the range of a three-and-1, but the safety Reed Blankenship drilled punter Tress Way on fourth down and was penalized to the ground for harassing the punter. The incident didn’t help the Commanders. In the next play, the defensive tackle Josh Sweat stripped the ball from quarterback Taylor Heinicke, which was returned through the defensive lineman Marlon Tuipulotu in the 18-yard line of Washington.

Commanders Vs. Eagles game recap
Commanders Vs. Eagles game. USA TODAY and TOMORROW

  • The Eagles made the most of the mistake with three consecutive Running plays to move into the final zone. Quarterback Jalen Hurts gained 12 yards from an aesthetically designed QB keeper and then, after two plays, snacked the ball inside from one yard to score the game’s first points to bring the score to 7-0 with just 12:21 remaining in the first Quarter.
  • For those who are counting at home, The Eagles have the league’s highest number of strip-sacks in the current season. After the score after the touchdown, the Eagles recorded 67 points on mistakes, which is second to the NFL.
  • The Commanders responded by launching a 13-play, 75-yard touchdown run that concluded with a one-yard scoring run from Antonio Gibson. Washington made three third-down plays, and the final one was a 26-yard touchdown pass by Heinicke at the wide receiver Terry McLaurin on a crossing route. It’s 7-7 with just five minutes remaining in the opening Quarter.
  • Two drives with one touchdown in favor of the Eagles. Hurts were weaving small darts to shift the chains using passing to A.J. Brown, Jack Stoll, and Zach Pascal. However, DeVonta played the two crucial actions during the game. Smith made a play of a 3rd-and-10 by using the wide receiver screen to move it to the Washington 33-yard line. Next, Smtih drew a pass interference penalty against Benjamin St-Juste to get his ball toward the six-yard line. Hurts ended the drive by making a QB draw and then throwing the ball toward tight-end Dallas Goedert over the middle for a 14-7 score with just 1:30 remaining in the opening Quarter.

Commanders Vs. Eagles game- SECOND Quarter

The Commanders could cut into the Eagles leading with the 44-yard Joey Slye field goal, but not until a strange sequence of events. 3rd-and-1 on the Eagles 22nd of the season, the running back Brian Robinson Jr. was trapped by defensive end Brandon Graham and linebacker T.J. Edwards. On 4th-and-1, the Commanders were seen to chase it, even throwing the ball toward Wide receiver Curtis Samuel, who was moving across the formation. However, Washington was penalized for delay of game penalties.

A sprain to be watched, the defense goalie Josh Sweat exited the game during the Commander’s field goal attempt.

  • Hurts throws his third interception of the season. Deep for Brown, who was double-covered and safety, Darrick Forrest picked up the ball at the Washington 14-yard line. The replay revealed the ball had been placed into Brown’s arms. However, Forrest was able to take it out.
  • Sweat was back on the field for the Eagles, but the Commanders made the most of it with a touchdown drive to gain a 17-14 lead. Washington ran 86 yards in 16 plays. The Robinson 1-yard touchdown run highlighted it. Washington scored on three third downs and a fourth when Samuel was handed a pass on the jet sweep to achieve 1 yard gain. The Commanders are 8-of-11 on the third down and are one-for-one on the fourth. The Eagles are expected to get the ball back 1:39 later in the first Quarter. Washington has the advantage in the possession battle by 22:43 minutes to 5:38 minutes.
  • Eagles quickly get three and out in the offense. Kenneth Gainwell dropped the ball on the first down and made a catch on the left sideline to gain 5 yards on the second down, and on the third up, Hurts’ pass to Brown was ineffective because the wide receiver fell.
  • This is the very first game this season that the Eagles will be trailing in the second Quarter. The Commanders added the 38-yard Slye field goal just as the second-half time expired, taking an early lead of 20-14 at intermission. His 15-yard touchdown pass to Dyami Brown, wide receiver, placed the Commanders in scoring position. The Eagles will have the ball and begin the second period.

Commanders Vs. Eagles game- THIRD Quarter

  • The offense played three-and-out in the first period. A cornerback Kendall Fuller broke up a pass to A.J. Brown at 3rd and 4.
  • The Commanders struggled to get two first downs and converted two 3rd-and-1 opportunities before Heinicke crossed the goal line to McLaurin along the right sideline to make an extra 41 yards, despite a solid defense by Darius Slay. The Eagles can keep the Commanders to a second Slye field goal after Javon Hargrave took out Heinicke at 3rd-and-goal on the line of 3 yards. The score is 23-14 with 5:13 remaining in the first Quarter.

Commanders Vs. Eagles game- 4th Quarter

  • On the first play of the fourth quarter, DeVonta Smith scored with an 11-yard touchdown catch to reduce his Commanders’ deficit to 23-21 with 14 minutes remaining. The Eagles began their drive by running three Miles Sanders runs to get their first initial down since the second Quarter. Hurts crossed the ball with Wide receiver Quez Watkins for a 15-yard gain across the middle and then a 15-yard catch by Goedert to put the Eagles in scoring position.
Commanders Vs. Eagles game recap
Commanders Vs. Eagles game, USA TODAY and TOMORROW
  • C.J. Gardner-Johnson returned the ball for the Eagles by catching six interceptions of the season on an in-depth pass intended for McLaurin. Before the play, Gardner-Johnson was penalized for excessive roughness after an out-of-bounds late strike. However, he made the right decision to make up for it. The Eagles begin the drive at their 7-yard mark with just 12:24 left on the clock. The Commanders scored on the last five runs.
  • The Commanders received the ball back after the Dallas Goedert fumble. Linebacker Jamin Davis ought to be given the penalty of a facemask. When Goedert was headed to the ground and was thrown down, defense linebacker John Ridgeway punched the ball out. The sentence was not taken, and Davis picked up the ball at the Eagles 34-yard line.
  • Slye added an extra 55 yards field goal following the turnover to boost the Commanders advantage to 26-21, with 7:33 remaining.
  • It appeared that the Eagles were in a scoring position after another major play, this time from Quez Watkins. The quarterback gained 51 yards off an intense post, was thrown on the floor, got up, and was taken away by St-Juste. Forrest was able to retrieve it and return the ball for 12 yards. After having committed three errors in the first eight games, The Eagles are now saving three, with two coming in the final Quarter.
  • The Eagles had a chance to win the game with 3:26 remaining. However, they went three-and-out when Montez Sweat took out Hurts on the third down. The Eagles did not get the ball back. With three timeouts in the bag, only 1:54 left on the clock. Washington will begin the game in the 47th minute.
  • On third down, Heinicke could not locate an open receiver. He decided to take his knee. Brandon Graham, in pursuit, ran his head over and was flagged for a roughness that was not needed to prolong the drive and stop the game.

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