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The college football championships 2022: Utah vs USC live updates, playoff key takeaways.

The last week of college football is upon us, and the stakes for the game could not be higher.

There’s some real College Football Playoff drama. The top four teams on the list need to play one more game to confirm or secure their spot. Two of the top teams could be poised to leap into the semifinals.

The college football championships. USA TODAY and TOMORROW

The No. one Georgia Bulldogs play the No. 14 LSU Tigers in the SEC championship game. The No. 2. Michigan Wolverines face the Purdue Boilermakers to take home winning the Big Ten crown. The No. 3 Horned Frogs from TCU will play the No. 10-ranked Kansas State Wildcats in the Big 12 championship, and the No. 4 USC Trojans will take on the No. Eleven Utah Utes for the Pac-12 title.

The Bulldogs are probably in a position regardless of what transpires in Atlanta. If they make any other mistakes could put the Buckeyes in the place of the No. 5 Ohio State Buckeyes and the No. Six Alabama Crimson Tides are back in the mix.

The top three athletes in ESPN’s Heisman Trophy race will be on the field. USC player Caleb Williams, the current betting favorite to win the prize, is scheduled to start the action on Friday evening.

Williams could throw for three81 yards and five touchdowns in his first game with the Utes. But the Trojans were beaten in that match for the first time in the season. The matchup on Friday night in Las Vegas could be an opportunity to get revenge and yet another Heisman event for Williams.

The college football championships. USA TODAY and TOMORROW
The college football championships. USA TODAY and TOMORROW

Here are the best highlights, the most significant moments, and playoff-related takeaways from the championship weekend.


Rising is hit hard

Is Williams injured?

Caleb Williams has been favoring his left side and limping in the contest’s second quarter. It’s unclear if Williams was injured during his long run during the initial quarter. However, the USC QB hasn’t looked like he’s been in a good place since. Williams cannot exit the pocket, as he’s accustomed to doing, and isn’t throwing as much force into his throws. The quarterback of 20 years old has been on the stationary bike at the sidelines but is playing.

Utah is the leader

FIRST HALF: Utah 17, USC 17
The Caleb Williams show in Vegas. The Heisman frontrunner started Friday night’s match for the conference championship the same way he did in the game against Notre Dame.

Williams began his game off with a 10-yard jog to score a touchdown. He made a fourth-and-short on his own and later dropped a rainbow over Tahj Washington for 50 yards from his back foot while running.

He sped up his pace a few yards after when he held the ball on a false handoff and turned around one player before he stiff-armed another. He carried the ball for up 59 yards on his own. The play ended up leaving Williams exhausted that he was forced to accept the delay of the game decision for the next space. It wasn’t a problem: Williams could find Raleek Brown, who was in the final zone to make six a few minutes later.

The college football championships. USA TODAY and TOMORROW
The college football championships. USA TODAY and TOMORROW

At halftime, Williams totaled 239 total yards and scored two touchdowns. But his stats and highlights need to be more to bring USC ahead. The Utes responded with two touchdown drives that ended at the end of the quarter. — Paolo Uggetti

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Utes discover the final zone.

A runner worthy of a trophy, TD on 4th down
Utah scored the field goal on its initial drive, but USC returned to the field. Williams caused several defenders to miss on a 59-yard romp before finding Raleek Brown, who scored a 3-yard score.

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