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Cavaliers vs Warriors game: Cavaliers defeated Warriors by 106-101

San FRANCISCO –As Stephen Curry approaches his 30s, Steve Kerr marvels at the star’s strength and ability to maintain his game dominance.

Cavaliers vs Warriors
Cavaliers vs Warriors

Cavaliers vs Warriors game recape:

Curry scored a tie-breaking 3-pointer with just 1:18 left and a layup that was a game-winner a few seconds after a perfect long pass by Kevon Looney. And then a third dagger three as he raced to 40 points, bringing the Warriors to beat their opponents, the Cleveland Cavaliers, 106-101 on Friday night.

Donovan Mitchell had 29 points, ten rebounds, and nine assists for Cleveland; however, he fell hard, grabbing his right ankle during the final minutes. Mitchell regained his balance and made two free shots with 12.4 seconds remaining.

Curry increased Curry’s NBA record of 200 consecutive regular-season games with a minimum of one three-pointer. He also scored 6-11 from the deep.

“He’s incredible every night. He’s in great condition,” Kerr said. “If there’s one thing he’s significantly better at today than he was eight years ago, it’s his strength and fitness.”

Unusual: Curry missed two free shots in the last 17.6 minutes yet still managed to score another 40-point game for the second time in a row.

Evan Mobley had 20 points, and 12 rebounds as Cleveland fell for the third time in a row after an 8-game win streak.

Andrew Wiggins’ quick jumper at 8:48 left was the only way to tie the game, and Looney’s layup the following time out made the Warriors ahead. Wiggins scored a huge dunk with just 6:06 remaining and scored 20 points.

Klay Thompson struggled to shoot and was three of thirteen with nine points to lead the Warriors. Thompson’s three with 2:53 remaining was enough to make it 96-95.

Cavaliers vs Warriors
Cavaliers vs Warriors, Cavaliers vs Warriors

We had a fantastic game plan until the last three minutes. “We didn’t execute it the way we wanted to,” Caris LeVert of Cleveland said. When you play against the Warriors, you seek for other guys to exploit you.” However, I believe Steph may score eight or nine points in the final two minutes of the game. Therefore, we must not allow that to happen.”

Golden State’s Draymond Green averaged an assist of 13 and 10 rebounds while scoring two points. Green was given an incident right after halftime, and Kerr was also hit with an award of a T.

Jordan Poole came from the bench and scored 18 points in the win for Golden State, which is trying to figure out the right combination to be on the same page consistently.

Cavaliers vs Warriors
Cavaliers vs Warriors, Cavaliers vs Warriors, Cavaliers vs Warriors

Cleveland head coach J.B. Bickerstaff’s team scored 52 points in the paint and kept the Warriors at bay.

The Cavaliers Warrior’s best assistant Luke Walton returned as a Cavs assistant to take on his former team. He spent time speaking with Warriors coaches and supervisors before the game. Cleveland has yet to defeat the Warriors during their regular-season games since a 109-108 win in December. 25 on the 25th of December, the 25th of December.

Warriors Curry’s streak of 3 points extends to December. 1st, 2018, at Detroit. The G Donte DiVincenzo has returned after a break of 10 games with an injured left hamstring was injured on the hamstring on Oct. 23 in Sacramento. DiVincenzo played 16 minutes. Golden State is 5-1 on the road and 2-1 against. In the Eastern Conference. It is worth noting that the Warriors have won 11 times in the series, which is the longest streak of active play against any opponent, and have won eight straight games at home. With playoff matches included, Golden State has won 19 times in the recent 20.

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